Biggest Beggar ?

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So thread to discuss all those begging Instagramer’s. Those that cannot seem to search for any recommendations or product reviews by themselves.

The desperate ‘recommend me a holiday’ types who seem devoid of being able to use trip advisor.

The worst I’ve seen lately is Laura Fantacci. Appears that her daughter has a dust mite allergy and needs a special mattress and bedding. Poor Laura, despite clearly being extremely wealthy with her high end designer wardrobe, has been forced to ask for recommendations on repeat on her stories IN REALLY BIG LETTERS.

So grabby!
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Yes definitely Clemmie Telford. As soon as the 'suggestions' box pops up you know what she's after. She's constant, and only posts now when she's after something or to plug her podcast.

'oh boo hoo the children have grown out of their @boden clothes, here's some things I love from their website and I'll tag them just because'

'I need a hot air hair tool, a lot of you have recommended @dyson air wrap but I can't afford it'

'thinking of booking a holiday, any recommendations? We would like to go to @watergatebay but its fully booked'

'my @apple mac book is broken I'm fuming!'

'selling all my kids @boden and @scampanddude stuff because they've outgrown, I need the money to pay bills'

God forbid her kids should wear supermarket or primark clothes. It wouldn't stand.
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I think the worst is those who actually have the cheek to contact companies with 'I'm an influencer, I'd love to collab', like Elle Darby when she tried to blag a free hotel stay.
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Toni interior seems to have just dumped her YoutTbe followers who helped build her chanel and get her all the freebies. Only a few months ago she was saying she could not work out instagram and now she as done one post on YouTube in the last 3 months and that was a month or more ago yet she is posting on instagram and facebook all the time. Has she found out it gets her more freebies than youtube. She was posting today how she had 2 large Christmas trees and all the decorations gifted but we should not be envyuse because she has no money was spent it all redoing her house and if she add not had them gifted she would not have been able to do Christmas this year. she told us how gave away the 2 large trees she had and all the decorations as well as the 3 trees she bought in sales after last Christmas. Last year she had £100s worth of new decorations but gave them away leaving herself with no yes ok. Possibly she gave them away knowing she was get loads of new free ones.
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The Fashionable Pan. I’ll never forget when she practically held a shop to ransom by prancing about the shop floor in a dress she was trying on & really wanted it & guess what, yeah she was gifted it!
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