Ben Green @big_ben_to_slim_ben


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Benny boy would be much more relatable if he was honest and admitted he’s piling on the timber. We’d still hate him, obviously. I don’t understand how his following is growing.
He's got all the charm of a rotting teddy bear by a childs graveside....

and the answer to that is simple... he buys them, and he's got the nerve to set up a gofundme for his fucking fun run.


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Scary that someone can put on that amount of weight in such a short space of time, that over a whole me (11st) worth of weight to put on 😳

I’ll give a little credit to slimwithross though, Atleast he’s clicked that SW is a false economy, under his syns for a day but over his calorie target because he has massive portions of pasta and rice which are supposedly free foods. Even until recently Big bens favortite vice Müllers were free but I think they’ve been put up to 0.5syns because people were eating loads of them a day and putting weight on.
Like I said before calorie deficit is the way forward but “influencers” don’t get free shit doing that 🤣
Ugh. Slimwithross is annoying me so much, can someone please make a thread about him please?