Beckyhomesweethome #4 Beggy at the besties bar for a rave, house still resembles aladdin’s cave

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If she could go back to how she was not some power crazed idiot, then maybe she wouldn’t be slatted so much. Because a lot of people love the whole Xmas thing she just went over the top with it last year. If
She could just calm the shit she is doing now down and be her self rather than making her self look a complete Twat, while
Trying to score points with this amazing community 😉 she would be a lot happier


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What a bitch. Mentions Jason is next to her, turns the camera to him, he obviously doesn’t want to be filmed as groans and gets up & walks off .... she laughs and carries on. Poor bloke, about time he just told her to #fuckup
He must be sick to the back teeth of her filming every aspect of their life. The guy can’t even sit & have a brew in peace at 8 o’clock in the bloody morning without her trying to film him. You could see he was pissed off & rightly so!


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Becky I know you read here, some advice for you:
We know what day of the week it is, you don’t need to tell us. Your husband is not an intruder, he pays for the house you all live in. It is not worth jeopardising what you have with your family and home for “insta fame”. None of the beauts you think can’t manage without knowing your every move will be there to pick up the pieces if your marriage breaks down. Have you considered that Jason might be getting grief from the people he manages at work as you advertise every drink he has, every dart match he goes to and every bike ride?
Your insta used to be fun when it was more about crafting, have you ever heard that less is more.
Think about it Becky, before you lose what you have for the fleeting “fame” you want.
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