Beckyhomesweethome #27 Swipe up for pandora ring, i off to Dawn and Shelleys to swing

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She's a tedious fucker at the best of times, but my god, she hasn't half repeated herself and been a right miserable old goat today. 😴 Just because it's not sunny and she can't roast herself in the garden whilst getting pissed, she's in a right mood! She's alive and (so far) Covid-19 free, so appreciate that and be grateful! 😡


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You skanky old bag you make me fukin sick my mum is 74 yes 74 she does a handful of old ladies/ gents hair being 15 in total . Fully Above board of course.
wash set trim perm . She has not been able to help this handful of old ladies /gents out.Since lock down. today she phoned these ladies/ gents up .HI I’m back with masks shields aprons the works. Do you get this she is fully kitted out I will come to your house next week and help you Out. Beggy she is 74. Not fukin 40 odd. She has all the equipment She is fully kitted out .You make me fukin sick do you get this.
then we get You going to bed at 7pm. I rest my case.
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