BeckyHomeSweetHome #16 She thinks she is the best, but is selfish to the core.

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The medication has kicked in them ? Definitely on something ! Having a manic episode in the kitchen ? She needs help.

If my husband screamed BLINDS when he was about to fuck off out on yet another bike ride I would be ramming them up his back side.

I feel sorry for Beggy. Her hideous boring life of going to tat shops / boot sales, watching films all day alone and making naff tacky crafts....AND being married to that perv 🤮

She has no life , she’s a Jeremy Kyle replacement 😬 And she preaches how lucky she is the kids have grown up ? She’s off her rocker.

BEGGY - people watch you for shits & giggles 🤣


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Tagging that band and rendall again 🤣🤣..she’s put a comment on rendalls latest post to..I wouldn’t be suprised if she thinks beggys just a desperate wanna be I personally think she would do anything for that girl to give her a shoutout but the funny thing is even when beggy would rag rendell in stories at the wedding the girl never accepted them on her story .!! Prob one step ahead of beggys motives


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I aren’t against her having a laugh and a drink and a dance but why does she have to film everything for the gram!
If she was a silly 16 year old showing off to her pals I could understand it but she’s 41!
When me and my hubby go out ( or stay in) and have a few drinks together I’d never in a million years dream of filming it for social media. I just couldn’t do it, all to try and make myself look relatable.
All it does is make them both look like they're off their tits on something & it ain’t Prosecco!
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