BeckyHomeSweetHome #16 She thinks she is the best, but is selfish to the core.

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She’s a fool. Firstly, yes couples do go thru lots of hard times such as illness and financial hardship: this is nothing to do with the perfectness of a relationship. My marriage IS perfect to me, the hard times we go thru are tackled well as we are an amazing team. The fact Beggy thought about jacking her marriage in after jaysun’s accident is about her and her marriages resilience........My previous husband was ill for sometime before he passed away, not once did it ever cross my mind to leave, ever.........despite my not being happy before his illness. I guess personal resilience and a sense of duty doesn’t apply to everyone!!

hate when Beggy states‘facts’ about others and their lives. My marriage IS perfect Beggy so off you fuck 👍🏽
Same here! 25 years this year and I can count on 1 hand the falling outs we’ve had & that’s no lie. My husband lost his only sibling when he was 32 and it hit him very hard & he went through a breakdown but not once did I ever even think it was too much, all I wanted was to get him better and take his pain away, he was never a burden or an inconvenience. As usual though she even made Jasons brain injury about herself, she’s so bloody selfish. God, she chats such a load of bollocks.

Penny for them

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No not the dancing I repeat not the dancing -my eyes 😵 if you have been off work for dayyyyys and you still need to go bed at 8pm when your over 40,you are not fun,no dancing will remedy that. Proving you are fun by dancing with your I phone in to a camera though 😂😂😂 also thanks for the update on Bobbi and jo blogs 🙄also bad times will come...errr thanks for that ...she’s an absolute joke of a grown woman.


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She’s an embarrassment! Dancing around her kitchen as though she’s so young, vibrant and trendy when she just looks deranged, desperate & drugged up 🤭

It’s all for the gram. She’s as fake as fuck, all this happy & positive crap she spouts, she has a husband who barks orders at her that he wants the blinds down before he goes out on his bike ride, a daughter that only lives at home for the freebies & hand outs, a son who rarely gives her the time of day, brothers & sisters who keep their distance, a Mum & a dozen dads that she spends very little time with and a granddaughter she gets to see every few weeks or so for an hour or two.
I’d not want Beggys life & the freebie chocs for all the tea in China thanks very much 💁🏻‍♀️
It’s sad, lonely and staged. The only friends she has are the ones that live in a phone app!


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I prefer it too
I like the hair too.

Hard times whether it be illness, financial strain or children?? Children?? Yes they test patience they know what buttons to press, we worry about them all the time but I would never say raising my three children would be classed as hard times?my husband and I always find a little time for each other, even if it’s just a cup of tea a cuddle on the sofa with some tv.
I’ve always felt like she’s thought her children were like an inconvenience to her. Or have I always misunderstood her and misunderstood today’s ramblings?
Stop with the swearing! Dirty potty mouth! I cringe so bad when she swears
Yea definitely. The way she talks about being ‘free’ of them and having more money to waste in shit tacky shops. I love spending time with my husband and young son. I’m a couple of years younger than her with a five year old and I work part time so we can afford treats like go Alton Towers, Center Parcs, Legoland, on holiday etc... Yes it is hard raising kids but I wouldn’t say I miss my young free and single days when I just got pissed all the time... Oh wait that’s Becky fave pastime...
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