Becky Home Sweet Home #20 Gifted toaster and Gousto slop, Beggy is depressed because she can’t shop.

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Why is this crackhead showing a 2021 diary? Its March. This is a rhetorical question because of course we all know the answer but Beggy if you're reading this, having a fucking day off. For the love of god have a fucking day of not showing off the shit you get sent to your followers who's lives may be going down the toilet


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What is it with this beggy family, they got the same untanned line on their forehead.
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And the same shite eyelashes

He works at the docks
Jason used to work at the docks, now hes down on his luck it's tough so tough.
Becky used to work at the arcade only a few hours a day working for her man she doesn't bring home the pay,
Its tough, it tough
She says weve got to hold on to what we've got it makes a difference if we do swipe ups all day
It tough so tough,
We've got each other and a lot a lot of free stuff
woah we're half way there,
woah living on a prayer
Take my hand and we'll make I swear
Woah a free hot tub.
Living on a prayer
Woah were half way there
Woah, add, link, I got a code.
Woah living on a prayer
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This woman has no shame🤦🏻‍♀️ Begs everyone is on lockdown, some people are struggling to pay for shopping, their rent & bills etc.. what the fuck makes you think people are interested in your silly pathetic little diary?
Ffs take note of what’s going on in the world you grabby unsavory woman
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