Becky Home Sweet Home #20 Gifted toaster and Gousto slop, Beggy is depressed because she can’t shop.

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Becky and Jason have one of those together but separated relationships. I’ve known couples like this. They live separate lives but still live in the same house for financial reasons - it’s just for convenience really. They don’t spend quality time together and only spend any time in each other’s company when there are other people there. The only time they spend together is a week is Veygusss once every two years. What they’ve got isn’t marriage at all. They’re more to be pitied.


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Good. Morning. And. I. Hope. Your. All. Well. Why does she say it like that?
🤣🤣🤣 I totally read that in her voice 🤣🤣🤣

Why does she called it “The Cedar House” it sounds like a Dickensian novel 🤣
And, isn’t it the name of the company who built her shed? You wouldn’t say “I’m just going to switch the Hotpoint on and eat some Kellogg’s” so why does she refer to the brand???
stupid tit
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Who keeps mixing less than 2 metres from her elderly parents. 🙄
And has the brat still!

She’s still there.
What’s it called please?

Beggy prob won’t even eat a cake or she will just have a bit of the sponge and that’s it 🤣🤣🤣 can’t wait to see what Brooke colours in today once mummy has set up the colouring station and got her drink ready in her sippy cup 🤣😘
She,ll lick the bowl and be full up for a week!!


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Erm Jason’s gone to work... erm, yeah, erm BrooKKKe is in bed....erm, hope the paintbrushes come today....erm,so,yeah, right, guna make a cuppa t....erm, see you inabit
I’ve had my cuppa t.... erm, yeah sounds like Brookkke’s up...erm

fucking cow annoys me so much 😡

and what’s with the hand round the back of her head constantly pushing her hair forward then back again, and pushing the side bit to the side but not actually doing anything with it, Beggy, if you’re going to tuck it behind your ear then fucking tuck it!!! 😖
I’ve noticed although she doesn’t like her hair hanging in her face and will move it back every few seconds....she won’t completely tuck it all behind her ears because she doesn’t like showing her ears


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The pair of them think there gods gift
What’s the bet this new metal shed she got she begged for. I would be embarrassed to accept as much as she does considering everything going on but noooooooooo Becky don’t give a shit. And she should be staying in and not even going out considering her best mate showed 2 symptoms of the virus and she was there the other day .
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