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When was this? Because Tia hasn't shown her man for months, I thought. Wondering if anyone wants a Tia Ward thread or not? Not that she posts much to talk about..
Im just assuming as when I checked her insta she still has videos with him still up..... if they are broken then she is gonna be distraught lol, really seems like shes with him for the connections and next to each other she looks like his mum as he has such a baby face

Omg, just checked Rhona (the dentist)’s TikTok - so so cringe.
She uses so many filters and looks so different without them lol
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This is odd if shes still with him
Yeah, it is. The caption, the quote. I don't think she just put it up for fun, I'm guessing they've split up. Because before she'd put more lovey-dovey things.
Also, shes in NY a lot (where he's from), but she's not hanging with him. And of she was, she would be definitely showing it, because Tia loves to show off her boyfriends, that's for sure. 😂
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Definitely some lip filler in that new mascara ad. Owing it all to dental work my arse 😂

Hahaha the thread didn’t update for me before I commented, glad we’re all on the same page re: 👄😂
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