Beauty Advent Calendar/Christmas Beauty Gift Set

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Which do you think is the best value and quality beauty advent calendar/Christmas beauty gift set?
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The M&S one is £40 but you have to spend at least £25 on other stuff in the shop. The content is said to be worth much more. I need to read some reviews on it first. Plus I saw one in Boots it was I think £25 and had some Liz Earle stuff plus others in it but I couldn’t find any information on it. I wouldn’t mind some help on this either.
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I checked out a lot of the contents and quickly realised I may as well spend the money on something I want rather than stuff I don't want along with all the extra packaging.
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I got the M&S one last year. It was pretty poor tbh. I have loads of unopened samples I didn’t use. It looks like it’s the same stuff again this year. We got my daughter a Sephora one and it really was the same story.
sample sizes are great for free. Not for £40 and you don’t use most of them.
Spend £1.50 on a dairy milk one and then £38.50 on something you really want, or one of those build your own glossy box style things. Then you get samples you’re interested in.
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I have ordered the nivea one off amazon for £21.99, it looks really good and is filled with stuff that I would use....a treat from me to me 😉