BBC2 who are you calling fat?

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Did anyone watch this? Interested to know peoples thoughts x
I actually really enjoyed it! Couldn’t stand Victoria, she was rude and dismissive to other opinions. Loved Babs, I hope she gets some help and it gives her some confidence.
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Enjoyed the first few episodes and was interesting to hear all the different opinions. Can’t stand Victoria either and hated the fact she completely dismissed the guy who came to speak to them about diabetes just because she wasn’t the centre of attention in that she stepped out and had a sulk. Fact is she’s just as much at risk as everyone there.
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I thought it was really interesting, however Victoria absolutely got on my tits, in fact her attitude disgusted me tbh. Loved Babs, a lot of what she said resonated with me (I’m a fatty) and I thought the genetics was interesting too.
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I really enjoyed it and it was thought provoking. Victoria was annoying. I think the health implications will hit them as they get older.
I’m so glad someone made a thread about this.

So I watched it last night and I’ve been thinking a lot about it all. I really agree that ‘fatphobia’ is a real thing, however, Victoria made it all very malicious. As a white, slim, able-bodies woman, I realise I am ‘privileged’, however I don’t think that means my views are something that can be written off. I also think comparing bigger bodies to race or sexual oppression is a bit offensive to people who have, and still are, suffering greatly.... I’m a very liberal person, and I would like to think I’m open to all people regardless of their colour, creed, size or sexuality. But Victoria’s vile - and blatant disregard for anyone’s feelings really angered me. Scientific facts back up that those who carry more fat are more likely to develop complications - the same way as smoking does. I also understand that there is a genetic link to obesity. I’d like to add that I have suffered ED myself and that will never leave me. Body acceptance is a wonderful thing, regardless of your age, gender, ability etc. But being told I can’t have an opinion because I’m privileged grates on my right to free speech...

Sorry for the long post