Bad First Dates

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I’m in a long term relationship at the moment but who doesn’t love reading stories about bad first dates?!

I was on a coffee date five or so years ago. He was a guy that I had met through friends and parties. It was all going really well, except for the fact that he was a little bit pretentious. An hour and a half into the date, he decided to let me know that he had borderline personality disorder and in his own words told me that this could lead to him doing “some pretty messed up things”. He then asked me if I wanted to see him again. I was polite and said yes but couldn’t wait to get out of there. I didn’t want to find out what he meant! I don’t have an issue with mental illness per se but it was the way it was phrased that made me nervous.

Someone I know had a first date with a man she had met on an app and they had been texting back and forth for the week before. She had disclosed to him that she liked going to Center Parcs with her teenage daughter. At the end of their first date (which was at a pub he had driven them to, her car had been left at his house), he told her that he had booked for them to go to Center Parcs in a few weeks. She had to pretend that she was really excited about this until she got back to his house and could drive away, never to speak to him again. It’s also worth mentioning that whilst on this date, he had come round her side of the table and snapped a selfie of them together before she had any idea what was happening.

Does anyone have any stories they would like to share?
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