Ayse and Zeliha Clark

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I honestly don’t get bad vibes off this guy Jack,I just think he isn’t that into her and fancies himself as a bit of a player 🤔 for me I see his behaviour as reflective of his disinterest in her, and the more she tries and overcompensates the further it pushes him away. but 2 kids by 2 different women at 25.. neither of whom he’s likely to end up with smh. A year from now he could be onto his 3rd. money can’t buy class 🤷🏼‍♀️


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All Jack did was put up that rail in the dressing room, didn’t help her with anything else?

Also, how HUGE is their house that her dressing room is in two rooms omg

Oh how the other half live


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Ayse is now a housewife. She's saying how tried she is and how her arm hurts then vacuuming rooms the size of my house! What has happened to her? She's completely changed. She's gone from doing what she wants and hanging with Zel to being a pregnant step mum! Crazy.

I hope Zel and Ben make a different channel.


Look at where #ad is.. surely that’s a violation of the rules? That’s not visible!
One of my friends sent her a message about it this morning and she apologised and said she didn't notice and will be more transparent in future 🙄 she should really re-upload it with #Ad in a more obvious place but it seems from what other influencers have said, Iconic London don't want that to happen which is why a lot of them now refuse to work for them.


Currently watching the latest vlog where Ayse shows a bit more of the house - can’t get over how big it is!! The early pregnancy makes so much sense now lol she knew he’s a bit of a player after finding out he was talking to multiple girls and thought having a baby would lock him down for good. That house is good for her ✨aesthetic✨ And she knows her and her baby are sorted for life !
Ahhh I feel for Ayse! She aint a house wife like in the vlog all she did is clean?? Like why can’t Jack do that? She’s pregnant, said how tired she is, is out of breath all the time and Jack still allowed her to clean the entire house? He is clearly very well off so why not even hire someone to do it if he really doesn’t want too?
The whole Ayse part of the vlog was so boring, they didn’t even go out! I know its lockdown but atleast go for a walk or something.
I felt bad for her. Compare her relationship to Zel’s and its so clear who is more happy


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I feel like Ayse is going to be feeling very isolated and lonely when baby is here. It's a big adjustment having a young baby, especially when she know longer lives in her home town and Jack doesn't appear to be too interested in her :(. Hopefully that's just how it appears on the blogs though maybe it is different in person :/.
Just shows money doesn't buy you everything. Zel and Ben's relationship seems far more loving and happy
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