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Because she was jealous of that life whilst she had to work as a single mum 🙄 now she’s got what she wants! She’s from a well odd family anyway so she’s always had an easy life.
I’m sure she said bleph was the worst treatment she had but now she’s promoting it?
Oh really, I assumed her family must be well off. What do they do does anyone know?
Not sure about the bleph I thought she was always happy with that but I could be wrong! The nose baffles me, it’s perfect so why would she not recommend who really did it 😂 share the wealth!!🤣


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I agree do you notice a lot of influencers or Instagram celebrities that have had work done share they have had it but not who their surgeons were? Don’t believe it was dr Frati as she wouldn’t mention under her rhino video who the surgeon was and would have been in her contract with him or something not to promote other surgeons, so she must have to say him for everything which makes me not trust. It’s a shame her page can be really useful for people looking into surgery but she doesn’t share who has honestly done her work.


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Sorry but in that men news article about the girl “ Rachel “ who is this girl in real life on tattle ? As she said she gave the name Rachel as an alias
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