Anna Mathur

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Possibly the nicest person on Instagram. Always engages with us. Shes hilarious and doesn't swamp us with ADs. Keeps children private and does a lot for people suffering with PND and anxiety disorders, especially surrounding pregnancy and postpartum. I messaged her 9 weeks in after surrendering to breastfeeding hell and she was so nice.
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She is bloody amazing! I suffer birth trauma and she is a total inspiration to me. She answers all comments and dms as well. Well nice lady 🥰
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I think Anna is amazing. Some of the stuff she’s shared I’ve found genuinely helpful. Especially the 4-7-8 breathing exercise and the reframing ‘have to’ with ‘get to’. I’m a terrible over thinker and get overwhelmed easily, these simple techniques have really made a difference.
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I absolutely adore Anna! There aren't enough people like her on Instagram, she's warm genuine and so refreshingly honest!
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She’s written a book! Mind over Mother (says for first year of motherhood but prob will help past that). Not out till May next year but can pre order. :love:
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