Angels of the North

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Is anyone else watching this on iplayer?
Just catching up and I think it’s such a unprofessional salon... chatting amongst themselves 24/7, swearing and nipping off to answer calls 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’ve followed them for ages and now I’m not sure I would go there now!


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They all seem more interested in their own hair than the salon clients! It seems really unprofessional and doesn’t paint them in a good light at all.

I’m a fan of my hairdresser chatTing when I’m having my hair done but would hate it if she was talking to her mate over the top of my head!

Plus all the drama with Sammy Jo and the man she’s dating 🙄
I’ve just caught up on the second half of the new series. Even though Sammy jo tries to portray it is as a lovely place to work I don’t think that’s the case from what I can see. I’d also find it draining having to hear about her love life 24/7 which is essentially what every episode is about. Also think her mum would be a horror to work for.
I love this show. Such trash but sometimes that's what I'm after.

I think the show does quite well at making it look like a fun place to work, but agree that I think it's probably toxic. I know a few people who know of Sammy Jo and apparently she falls out with all of her friends. I spotted the other day that her and Saffron were not following each other on insta even though they seemed pretty close in the first series. Guess they fell out when Saffron left.


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Sammyjo is a bunny boiler. The mum isn’t very nice either.
I like Saffron she’s very sweet but feel a bit sorry for her it seems they all take the piss out of her all the time.


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I found it odd that all the staff were SO young. Like it doesn’t seem to have any established hairdressers? Everyone is so young and barely out of school.
STUNNING salon though

Also would HATE them all talking over me like that
The salon is not so stunning in real life it’s really quite tacky.
There’s fake cheap barbie dolls hanging from the ceiling and all sorts.
I just find it strange that a woman in her 30s relies on advice from 19/20 year olds to reply to a man.... surely it should be the other way round?

I do really like her though... there’s definitely a vulnerability to her that comes across more in this series than the last
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