Anastasia Kingsnorth #5 When the paps are out the flaps come out

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None of us even comment on the fact it was an AD because... standard 🤷‍♀️
I actually had to go back and watch the video again after I read this. I completely missed that there was even an AD in the video never mind what part it was 🙄

i don’t know why they’re so sly about ads! If they want to do them then fine, just don’t try and hide it!

WHY does she have to keep putting up boomerangs on her insta story of her slightly moving her fat head?? Does she think its cool looking like the Churchill dog? What a clown
this drives me nuts!!!! She does it all the time, always with a stupid wanna be porn star look on her face
Really not a huge fan of all this teeth chat. Getting a bit nasty now. Slag off her content by all means, but appearance jabs on an 18/19 year old girl are pretty harsh
I haven’t seen any nasty comments about her teeth, the majority of people here have been encouraging her to get Invisalign because we know it’ll help her feel more confident. Ana’s thread is actually pretty tame compared to some of the others I’ve seen on here.
I also noticed your comments about Lydia and how critical you’ve been of her - saying how everyone hates her, that she’s being cheated on, talking about plastic surgery and how she looks better now and generally criticising a happily married woman. I think that’s pretty harsh too. Surely that’s going to make her feel like shit? I’m really curious as to what you think we should be allowed to discuss and what makes you exempt from these made up rules?


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I haven’t seen any nasty comments about her teeth
hmmm, I have. Somebody said she had tombstone teeth and there’s literally a comment a few posts above saying that they’d be embarrassed if they had teeth like that and would never smile...

however, I have seen worse comments on other threads. I suppose this forum in general is full of critical comments, some with a slight mean streak in them, but to an extent, isn’t that what we’re all here for? I am.


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I’ve just seen unilad on Facebook repost her YouTube video of the pink food and then tag her in the comments saying ‘massive thanks to Anastasia Kingsnorth for this one’ wonder how much she’s been paid for thatView attachment 72313
Her coloured food videos are a joke. She doesn’t actually buy pink food. She buys normal food then puts food colouring on it??

surely those type videos should fall under Coppa since no adults is watching that shit.

saw they are cashing in on people thinking atticus is cute by setting Up a channel. Guess he’s going to try and be the next Ryan’s world (think that’s what it’s called, the kid with tons Of followers)

Just need Julie to set one up now
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