Amelia Liana #3 Drunk on her insta, because she's a spinsta.

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I find it rather disturbing that she changes in front for the world to see on the internet, can this girl be a little more discreet, and imagine the pervs and to other younger audience she s influencing 😟
She has to continually show off her "bouncy boops" to hopefully ensnare a new man. It worked quite far with one of her exes so she might aswell give it another go 😑.

(AL doesn't care about her followers, only their money, which she hardly need anyway.)




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These people live for turning restaurants into their own personal playground because they find making people cater to odd whims amusing in their empty lives. And of course monopolizing as much attention and space as possible, not even because they want attention but because it’s pushing an envelope while knowing it won‘t get them kicked out, andjust knowing they are vaguely inconveniencing others (again, better if they are service people) is fun for them.
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