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Oh my god she got a share on Hello mag social media....ffs.....she’s going to need to widen the doorways in her new build for her ever swelling big head of hers! Cannot stand her!🤪

part of the PR machine, they were gifted PJs. PR company would have submitted the pics. Yawnnnnn Laura Ad


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Were they marked #gifted though???

It’s when you recognise a “beg” 🙄
Almost shoplifting
It really is isn’t it! Reeks of desp! That jumpsuit was horrid too! Plus she’s off to a Hobbs meeting tomorrow, so no doubt picking up her summer wardrobe for free from them! Then we will suffer through her many stories of her wearing the clothes while eating her beans in toast (I eat the same lunch everyday don’t ya know!, yes we do LA! Boring!) then followed by the influencers friend....the swipe up! Jeeze!🤪

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