All that’s pretty


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Love her! Always upbeat and genuine. Favourite big account. I love that she is fun and even if her post is an ad, it doesn’t bother me. It just doesn’t feel forced unlike some other bigger accounts.


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I really enjoy her too, just hope she won't turn into Anna from blossoming birds, least her children aren't used as much and her feed isn't like the QVC channel.


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I love Laura Ann! She seems so genuine and when she raps her stories it always has me in stitches 🤣 She just doesn't look like a hip hop fan 🤷


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Saw it on property pal too and thought it was a lot for NI. I know the area it is in is more expensive but it’s not detached and is on the roadside etc


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I am intrigued to know where all her loney comes from? Literally loaded.
Whilst she is a lovely positive account she is not short of money!
She certainly seems to have a lovely life style. All the shopping trips to London, flying from NI, holidays and so on. I get the feeling it might be her side of family that are wealthy?
Anyhow I’m jealous! She is very beautiful in my opinion and love her infectious smile 😊