All That Dreams Glitters #8 All That Dreams Glitters - still no idea what that m

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Thanks to @or JusRollWithIt who came up with the new title

Recap on what’s been happening - *Stace is still bodging the house
*The new baby is being dressed like a doll using tutus and huge bows.
*Avery has been pushed to the back of her affections as he isn’t as Instagramable as the new doll, sorry I mean baby.
*Has been gifted more tat for the baby’s room.
*We still haven’t seen the front garden
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Poor baby. That whole pushchair and the clothes she has her in looks like they would go up in flames if anything sparked near her.

Saw a bit of the front garden but couldn't see the paintwork on the steps because of the snow!!!

And I stuck up for her about the wallpaper bubbling as that's normal when you first hang paper but not 9 months on 😂
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