Advice on stopping or cutting down on breastfeeding

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I am a bit stuck with how to cut down on breastfeeding my 14-month-old - you get so much advice in the early days but not at the end!

We were doing well at around 12 months, with just two feeds a day and one before bed. Since then she has had tonsillitis a couple of times plus her jabs and she was almost exclusively having milk then. She has now learned how to ask for/demand it and does so about 4-5 times a day now!

I offer her snacks and water but she often still wants milk after. Distraction helps but that is proving more difficult now we are mostly at home. I thought cuddles might substitute if it just for comfort but then she is close to the source and gets annoyed! Most of the time she ends up following me around crying until she gets it! Anyone got any tips? I don't necessarily want to stop completely, just escape this level of feeding!
I would personally just cut it out completely in the daytime, and only do it at bedtime. She'll probably be cross / hold out on the extra food you're offering for a few days, but no child would starve themselves - and she'll up her food and drinks over time to make up for it.

I had to do it for one of my children when they were only months old, because the breastmilk wasn't fattening them up enough. They kept refusing the bottle, but eventually when they got the idea there was no alternative and they were hungry enough, I was able to change over to complete bottle feeds.
Thanks for replying! She is back up to three meals a day plus snacks so I am not worried about her starving that is for sure! I know they need plenty of dairy in their diet, but she eats lots of cheese, butter, cows milk in cooking.
I figure the options are distraction (which is tough at the moment!) or put up with the crying but that makes me feel so mean :-(
Distraction and bribery! I also found wearing high neck tops helped so my little one couldn't see or help herself! If she saw flesh she wanted milk! Good luck xx
I thought I would be breastfeeding my youngest for ever nothing seemed to work he was obsessed. We no longer breastfeed anymore (thankfully as I was really starting to hate it) I tried making sure I didn't offer but also didn't refuse if he asked. I wore high neck tops too. Tried distracting and offering milk in a cup frequently. Feeds started becoming less and less until they eventually stopped. I don't know if any of those things actually worked or if we would have just weaned anyway
Hey! I’m in the same situation with a 12 month old. Just commenting so I don’t lose the thread
Following, I have an 11 month old who is a total boob monster, I want to have her weaned off by 18 months at the latest
I breastfed my son for 18 mths. I fed him on demand until he was 12 nonths- anytime anywhere! As soon as he turned one I cut out some feeds naturally by only feeding him in one room- his bedroom so we quickly went from 10 feeds a day to 3 morning, nap and bed. Then I cut out each of the three feeds one by one. I thought we'd never get rid of the night time feed but he just stopped looking for it. It's a very difficult time emotionally for the mummy. Look after yourself, your hormones will be all over the place.
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