AD Rates Down and Mass Media Layoffs (Buzzfeed & Huffington Post)

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Ad rates are way down this year. They often fall 40-60% in January compared to December (why YouTubers do Vlogmas then take a break in Jan). But from talking to people they are way down Jan 2019 compared to Jan 2018 - some say 1/3 in their niche (not brexit related with majority us readership).

Buzzfeed are laying off 15% of staff, on top of layoffs that were happening several times in 2018 and not replacing the natural attrition of the workforce. This has been seen across the board with news and media sites. They say it's to help reach profitability, but others think they are falling way short of the advertising revenue they were banking on reaching. Huff posts owners cutting 7% on their media sites.

Bit early to draw any conclusions but 2019 could be quite turbulent for anyone reliant on online advertising.

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Hmmm, interesting. I wonder if in general the population is less spendy? A lot of well known shops are going bust due to people changing spending habits over the past few years.