A little bit of Christmas

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I though as my first thread i'd go for a Christmas approach. I saw this video a few years ago, its going viral now.

Love to hear peoples thoughts considering this young man spent £50 on a video that has more meaning than in my opinion any million pound budget John Lewis advert...
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Same seen that a few years ago. John Lewis are having financial worries so just makes them look bad spending so much on an advert.

They could have pulled a real pr win by spending a couple of grand on college film makers to get a great ad.

These days no need to spend a fortune with marketing companies - phones create videos that are broadcast quality and it's not rocket science to edit and enhance videos.
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Well it’s kinda ludicrous , even a bunch of top of the range cameras would only cost maybe 100k. For this kinda thing , you could get 5 great RED cameras
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