__beingbrittany #13 Buying anti-racist books, only cares about how she looks

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I have been to SW on and off of late and quite honestly this is the best explanation of the plan I have ever heard, even the group consultant didn't explain it this well. SW is easy to follow and the plan does allow you to lose weight but it does become restrictive in what you will allow your self in syn values. 😊
Bless you.

Yeah, absolutely. I have my gripes about certain things. The fact that shop bought sandwiches are ridiculously high syns. Or coffee shop drinks with milk included are high syns. I do sometimes count the milk in my Flat White as my Healthy Extra A Choice and get on with my life. 😂
Oh yeah, Healthy Extras. If you hear any SW friends mention these, they are just referring to Calcium (A) and Fibre (B) goals for the day. Another point I’ve seen come up is that the Healthy B choice is nowhere near enough fibre for the day. You’re supposed to source the rest from fruits and veggies. 🙂


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Probably going to sound a bit thick, but how do people lose weight on slimming world if that’s considered a balanced meal? A friend of mine who has probably been on most diets going says she could eat a whole chicken if she wanted to because it’s free foods? But weight loss is really just calorie deficit. My friend swears by it and usually loses at least 2lbs a week but I just can’t get my head around it 🤯
If you follow SW properly, Brittanys portions and meals are not the best to look at. She is the problem with SW


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This just come up as a suggested post for me on Facebook.. Is Titters heading to Manchester soon by any chance?! Good to see a business clap at these influencers!!
I saw this too, if that was her she’d surely have said “parrrrtnarrrrr”. It makes me cringe that people would actually have the audacity to message business owners post panny-d and ask them to feed them for free, wee scrotes!
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