__beingbrittany #13 Buying anti-racist books, only cares about how she looks

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No offence at all! I would never wear that jumpsuit I know what suits big hips and a bum 🤣🤣
Same I love jumpsuits but can not wear them 😫
Am I the only one focusing on the seam/gigantic camel toe!!!!!! It's a lovely picture, I don't know why she has to point out on stories about her 'chunky arm' oh yes I do because she needs validation from her 'fans' 😏😬🙄
No hahahaha masssive moose knuckle


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That’s the spirit, Brit’! Focus on capturing those precious memories! You will always want to remember the time you and Sean stared at the pavement, or the time Sean or Betsy captured the back of your head as you walked away, or all those times in Saino’s car park. The really precious memories. ♥


This mornings brunch, fuelling her body with good food 🙄. Two slices of toast with dairylea and a waffle? Plus the rest. Might be low in syns but Jesus that’s a lot of food. She’s clearly comfortable with SW ways and must be trying to get the weight she’s put on back off but if she stuck to CC she’d benefit more in the long run and see she can eat what she wants so long as it’s in her calories rather than all this bizarre stuff she eats because it’s a tweak or whatever
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