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  1. Gloria Rostron

    This Or That #7

    This Or That Lemons or clementines?
  2. Crumpet41

    This or That #6

    As you were everyone 🤪🙂 Chocolate bar Porridge with milk or water
  3. chickhicks86

    This or that #5

    New thread, Tattlers! From post 4
  4. chickhicks86

    This or that #4

    I've created a new thread, here's the last post from the old one.
  5. chickhicks86

    This or that #3

    New thread - here is the last post from the old one
  6. WilmaHun

    This or that #2

    Last one was avocado on toast or poached egg on toast
  7. Fenella

    This or that?

    A question and answer thread, brought by a conversation with my husband about who is more annoying/injury inducing- mr blobby or emu? (Ask your own question too, quote what you are replying to if there are multiple questions, usual caveat of sorry if there’s already a thread like this I’ve missed)
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