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  1. Popcorn&Peanuts

    The Royal Family #29

    Link to previous thread - I'm not sure if I've done this right but thought I'd start a new thread as the old one is maxed out. Currently being discussed on thread #28 - what can William and Kate do to visibly increase their presence and...
  2. Hope96

    The Royal Family #28

    Previous thread: Description from The Royal Family Twitter: "A ledger stone has been installed at the King George VI Memorial Chapel, following the interment of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. The King George VI Memorial Chapel sits within...
  3. raspberryjuice

    The Royal Family #27

  4. M

    The Royal Family #26

    Another thread as the Queen's coffin heads to Windsor. From the Telegraph: Noon State funeral service ends with a lament played by the Queen’s piper. 12.15pm Coffin procession...
  5. J

    The Royal Family #25

    The queue is closed except to those in it. We're still wearing our black ribbons Funeral starts at 11am Monday Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be there. From the Royal Family: Ahead of Her Majesty The Queen’s State Funeral, a new photograph has been released. The photo was taken to...
  6. Yel

    The Royal Family #24

    The queue is at least 24 hours Vigil with the children is tonight Vigil with grandchildren is tomorrow night We're still wearing our black ribbons Funeral starts at 11am Monday Harry has been allowed to wear his uniform Phillip and Holly skipped the queue Charles is now carrying his own pen...
  7. B

    The Royal Family #23

    Continue here ..
  8. M

    The Royal Family #22

    So we continue as Mourning continues... After time in Belfast today The King and Queen Consort are due to return to London where this evening they will meet the Queen's coffin at Buckingham Palace. Princess Anne will accompany her mother's coffin on the journey from Edinburgh to London.
  9. Falkor

    The Royal Family #21

  10. M

    The Royal Family #20

    On we go. God Save the King.
  11. Squashedbanana

    The Queen #2 Thank You Ma’am RIP

  12. FenellaTheWitch

    The Royal Family #19

  13. FenellaTheWitch

    The Royal Family #18

    Carry on here ...
  14. C

    The Queen RIP

    The news is full of the Queen’s health and Charles and William have travelled. Prince Philip regularly had ill health until his death. I was hoping she’d last to over 100.
  15. CuriousCat92

    The Royal Family #17

    New thread as over 1000 posts reached
  16. CuriousCat92

    The Royal Family #16

    I hope I have done this right. First time I have tried!
  17. thegirlscout

    The Royal Family #15

    New thread. Sponsored by marmalade sandwiches 🥪 I’m not watching the show and I’ve taken a Nytol so when I saw this I thought you meant the spirit of Princess Diana and not Diana Ross…
  18. thegirlscout

    The Royal Family #14

    New thread: Jubilee is imminent! So is the jubilee tat… We were last discussing Kate’s pink outfit (a winner for me), The Jubilee and, well, The Jubilee. It’s big news! Not many people stay in the same job for 70 years! Plus the Queen survived thread 13! I was so excited I forgot how to...
  19. RJF

    The Royal Family #13

    Will The Queen still be alive by the time this thread is finished?
  20. RJF

    The Royal Family #12

    And now to Kim Woodburn for her take on recent events…
  21. Carpediem69

    Camila as Queen? Yes or No?

    So glad Ingrid put Burrell on the spot about her conversation with Diana who said ‘I don’t blame Camilla’ (for their marraige break-up) Burrell alluding to Hazzno having tales to tell about Camilla and currently ‘keeping his powder dry’ - saying he would not have been happy about her becoming...
  22. Libbylulu

    The Royal Family #11

    New thread Kate’s picture gives me the same vibes as the one PMargaret hated in the crown and went ahead and had the picture Lord Snowden took instead. It’s very old fashioned and I’m quite traditional
  23. thegirlscout

    The Royal Family #10

    Recap: is it the final countdown for the Queen? Or just a bad back? Please continue your discussion here 👑
  24. thegirlscout

    The Royal Family #9

    Carry on here, loyal servants! 👸 🤴 Quick recap: Charles and the Cambridges are allegedly getting into streaming services. Andrew is still up shit creek. Harry and Meghan are still in America. Lady Louise went to see...
  25. thegirlscout

    The Royal Family #8

    Carry on peasants! 👑 👑 I liked the Instagram photos he made of George, some of them were funny. But this is painful
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