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  1. GiveMeFreebies

    The Home That Made Me #9 Pet pig has an itchy arse and life at Bodge Lodge is a total farce

    New thread. Highest likes was a suggestion from @NigellaBites in January (goes to show how little Charlotte has been on Instagram unless it’s to flog Hello Fresh) Recap: Bodge Lodge is still bodged Still pretends they don’t live next to a motorway Still favours 1 child over the other Still has...
  2. GiveMeFreebies

    The Home That Made Me #8 the Shein of Home Accounts

    New thread time - the thread suggestion with the highest vote was mine 🫣 Recap: - More unnecessary animals added to Bodge Farm. - The kids have the most depressing rooms and Charlotte saves the bigger rooms for ‘guests’ (future paying customers). - The Reno is going from bad to worse - an aga...
  3. H

    The Home That Made Me #7 Pillock in the ‘paddock’, more like lardon in the garden It was dragging on a bit in thread 6 so welcome to THTMM’s 7th thread. Thank you @Tess_Tickles for the excellent title! Roll up, roll up… you heard it first from Tattler’s and friends, Baylyn House...
  4. H

    The Home That Made Me #6 Justice for Rory

    Thanks @eyespybs123 for the most popular thread title. Close runner up was @itsybitsyteenyweeny with ‘Beige Manor has been sold, how long will Charlotte pretend before we’re told?’ recap: Baylyn House and grandmas grotto have both been sold (£850k & £600k) Charlotte hasn’t made a peep about...
  5. C7645

    The Home That Made Me #5 Off I go pony trotting, while my 150 year old windows are rotting

    Thought we needed a new thread Congrats to @Tula65 for the winning title Anyone want to do an update on the pony trotting, paddle boarding Charlotte 😂
  6. O

    The Home That Made Me #4 giftedfloor but that Neptune table is a bloody eyesore!

    With 28 votes this is the top thread suggesting (from September 21st). Does anyone want to do a review of "Posh Charlotte" the greyige Interior Designer/Dog owner. Oh and she has 2 children and a husband.
  7. Hatshepsut

    The Home That Made Me #2 No spend Oct went with a blast, Joe’s not allowed to mention the past

    Thanks to @Opinions Please for the new title suggestion with the most likes. (Adjusted slightly to fit)
  8. S

    The Home That Made Me

    Does anyone follow this instagram account? Apparantely something happened over on mumsnet when she first started out where she was posting as a fan but promoting her own page....I could never find the exact details of what happened but perhaps someone else will remember.