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  1. sassylash

    Grimwade Family #4 All for themselves, nothing for the kids, mention Rapunzel & they’ll flip their lids!

    @zzeroes won the most liked thread title! let’s continue here 😊
  2. Coffeeandcroissant

    The Grimwade Family #3 Homeschool's skipped, masks slipped, kids can't go off-script

    New thread Title by: Zzeroes . Unfortunately the longer version didn't work, even left off t from script- oops. Hope mods can correct it for us. Recap, add anything you remember: -they confessed on dumping the dog - lying about the reasons and time they bought it(before not after the pregnancy...
  3. Coffeeandcroissant

    The Grimwade family #2 Desperate to be famous, Tim acting shameless, Gone is Astro, Ella accept your afro

    Thanks to RosieBella-01 for the thread title Had to edit it slightly to fit My first time creating a thread, felt clumsy 😄 as I couldn't tag anything wanted to put Grimwades/Grimwade family but couldn't
  4. N

    The Grimwade Family

    Interested on thoughts on this IG/YouTube account? They're a family with 5 soon to be 6 children. I used to watch their vlogs occasionally, but became turned off when they suddenly posted a video asking for monthly payments from their followers for creating their YouTube content. Apparently...
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