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  1. Chez300

    The Grimwades #8 Coaching the kids but not with a ball, if there's no content the numbers will fall

    Latest vlog is in poor taste, clearly desperate for views! Continue on…
  2. Chez300

    Grimwades #7 No Christmas celebration, hiding separation, can’t afford the house with rise of inflation

    New thread, title courtesy of @keepitgossip with the most likes.
  3. Coffeeandcroissant

    Grimwade #6 Mum has designer bags, the kids have no beds, too much cringey kissing, education's missing

    New thread, title by myself Recap, add anything you want - Ella is desperate to prove they have the perfect marriage - kids have still no beds but parents don't hesitate to spend on any unnecessary designer gear or takeaways- for themselves only! -no other furniture or toys in sight, looks like...
  4. Chez300

    Grimwade Family #5 How to marry a bum and use our mixed race kids as income

    Accidental New thread title by @rhondakaren Nominated by @lokencrepis With 14 likes The Grimwades have moved house Still no homeschooling Kids don’t have beds or any furniture I messed up the tags and this is somehow in the Gossip forum even though I created in Families 🤷🏾‍♀️ I am sure Tim...
  5. sassylash

    Grimwade Family #4 All for themselves, nothing for the kids, mention Rapunzel & they’ll flip their lids!

    @zzeroes won the most liked thread title! let’s continue here 😊
  6. Coffeeandcroissant

    The Grimwade Family #3 Homeschool's skipped, masks slipped, kids can't go off-script

    New thread Title by: Zzeroes . Unfortunately the longer version didn't work, even left off t from script- oops. Hope mods can correct it for us. Recap, add anything you remember: -they confessed on dumping the dog - lying about the reasons and time they bought it(before not after the pregnancy...
  7. Coffeeandcroissant

    The Grimwade family #2 Desperate to be famous, Tim acting shameless, Gone is Astro, Ella accept your afro

    Thanks to RosieBella-01 for the thread title Had to edit it slightly to fit My first time creating a thread, felt clumsy 😄 as I couldn't tag anything wanted to put Grimwades/Grimwade family but couldn't
  8. N

    The Grimwade Family

    Interested on thoughts on this IG/YouTube account? They're a family with 5 soon to be 6 children. I used to watch their vlogs occasionally, but became turned off when they suddenly posted a video asking for monthly payments from their followers for creating their YouTube content. Apparently...