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  1. Mocaacom

    Siobhan O’Hagan #40 her favourite Christmas movie is Love Actuary.

    New thread title thanks to @LetsCallEmOut festive themed but not sure if the thread will last until Christmas. Anyone want to do a recap?
  2. Mocaacom

    Siobhan O'Hagan #39 Living defensively, smelling offensively

    Credit to @CAA2020 for the title with most likes
  3. Influncer Snarker

    Siobhan O'Hagan #38 SOH is a fitness coach you'd get off wish with hands of leather and a Gi of fish

    Excellent team work shown here by @[email protected] and @LetsCallEmOut 👏👏
  4. B

    Siobhan O'Hagan #37 Alcohol addiction, doesn't read fiction, back in Bali by Christmas is our prediction.

    Thanks @Londoncailín for your 2 amazing thread title suggestions! I'm always hopeful of a @brandambassador recap. 🤞🏻 But until then.. Siobhan's currently at home for a family wedding, (Although is home Bali or London at this stage?) wearing an awful unironed green Zara dress with some ankle...
  5. Influncer Snarker

    Siobhan O'Hagan #36 Downward dog, downward spiral, tampon story should NOT go viral

    Well done @Cáca_Milis :LOL: We need to start award ceremony for the best Thread Titles!
  6. C

    Siobhan O’Hagan #35 FLAPham Common

    New thread! Congrats WhittlingIhopmonkey and Fitfan47
  7. Influncer Snarker

    Siobh O'Hagan #34 Still mad for the drinks. Her gi stinks. Paying her rent with toilet brush links.

    Congrats @u k hun ? I don't know why but my ADHD kicks in when these threads go over the 1000 post mark!
  8. Influncer Snarker

    Siobh O'Hagan #33 Leathertits, the furnace is in bits. Uber crash survivor, down to her last fiver.

    Congrats @Londoncailín! Had to stick an astrix so I don't get in trouble.
  9. I

    Siobhan O'Hagan #32 Photoshop cheater, best friend beater. London loner, constant moaner.

    Thanks to @LetsCallEmOut for the thread suggestion. A recap: Shiv continues to try insist that drinking and eating yourself into oblivion whilst hanging aroung with people 10 years your junior is definitely an ideal lifestyle for someone in there mid 30's that us plebs would never understand...
  10. M

    Siobhan O'Hagan #31 Processed cheese, snot on her tees, Tommy tanking men bringing the sleaze.

    Title courtesy of @Elliebellie1978 ❤️ Copying @Eggs&bacon predictions for SOH summer in Dublin so we can keep score 🤭: "Over the next few days we will have; -Big coat (even if it’s 16°C because she’s gained more weight than she would like & god forbid anyone recognised her. ✅ -“So cold” at...
  11. Influncer Snarker

    Siobh OHagan #30 OHvertrained, OHverindulged, HungOHver to duck.

    As you were. Congrats to @WhittlingIhopMonkey 👏
  12. W

    Siobh O'Hagan #29 Hot girl summer...I mean Tepid Cretin Tax Evasion Season

    Congrats @HappyMum44 Strap yourselves in boys and girls, grab your scientific calculators, pull your wedgie out of your mighty flaps and pour yourself a marg.... Don't forget to do some stretches: And always take your vitamins for hair and skin wellness:
  13. Mocaacom

    Siobh.OHagan #28 Toadattacker, workslacker, ExcelTracker, Cinnamonbun, Instahun, skin burned from the sun

    @Elliebellie1978 summary of Siobhan’s life makes the perfect thread title (I had to cut f1 out to fit the letter count) Previous thread:
  14. dddddddddddd

    Siobh.OHagan #27 Ginger on top, thigh gap photoshopped, always in the middle so she won’t get cropped

    Thread title once again by @Sparklelife2304 - let’s see what SOH brings for this the 27th thread.
  15. H

    Siobhan O'Hagan #26 Shiv the Revealer, vaccine stealer, waxed beaver, sh*t cartwheeler

    Another brilliant thread title from @Sparklelife2304 - most likes on last thread ✌
  16. forgotmyacc

    Siobhan O'Hagan #25 mould in her hair, picking her face, spreading covid all over the place

    Thanks to @Ruokannie for the title!
  17. Mocaacom

    Siobhan O’Hagan #24 Spreading Covid from a rented beemer, no-one is safe from Shiv the Redeemer

    A late entry but a landslide victory for the new title from @Sparklelife2304
  18. Cáca_Milis

    Siobhan O'Hagan #23 The ghost of fitness past

    Happy Christmas festivities to all you lovely Tattlers ..... Here's a new thread to celebrate! More power to the lovely @Londoncailín for the most liked suggestion like.... EVER!
  19. M

    Siobhan O'Hagan #22 With door wide open she likes to pee, while moaning about AIB

    New thread. Title courtesy of @Cáca_Milis.
  20. N

    Siobhan O'Hagan #21 A gazillion steps around her flat, Christ Siobhan you're such a prat

    Big shout out to @Cáca_Milis for thread title
  21. Cáca_Milis

    Siobhan.OHagan #20

    I'm howling at this title lads. .... Had to mix up the spelling as I thought the 'C' word wouldn't be allowed 😂😂😂
  22. Cáca_Milis

    Siobhan.ohagan #19 Wasted my money on Revolut, trying to taste James Smith’s flute

    Thanks to @Sparklelife2304 for the title suggestion. Had most likes. Had to shorten it a bit to make it fit! Please continue!
  23. dddddddddddd

    Siobh.Ohagan #18 Hot girl summer was not to be, wasted my money waxing me gee!

    New thread for SOH! Credit to @NoMoreSpotlight For the thread title!
  24. dddddddddddd

    Siobh.Ohagan #17 Acts all posh, won't even wash, god forbid she's running out of dosh

    Credit to @Cáca_Milis for the title! Thread 17 here we go again! God knows what the next few days will bring with SOH Heading to Manchester As you were all!
  25. dddddddddddd

    Siobh.Ohagan #16 Stay at home with sweaty gee and have a Dominos meal for 3

    New thread for SOH! Had to amend it to fit and remove first line as couldn’t fit it in and it was losing its goodness, so jus went with second part of the suggestion as pizza had to feature in this the 16th thread! Credit to @Sparklelife2304 for the title, full title: No success on Tinder or...
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