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  1. Miss Pepperpot

    No Verbal Filter #8 Subs drop, Cash flow slow, Tries to trap a man her minge on show

    Thanks to Masterwinner for the thread title, had to edit slightly to fit --- Nothing has changed except Jo is even more greedy, more selfish and more bitchy, she moans constantly pleading poverty despite 'earning' more than most of her followers, she continues to fleece people, lies about...
  2. Miss Pepperpot

    No Verbal Filter #7 Best mate is sex pest scum but she still insists she's the worlds best mum

    Slightly edited but this was the title with the most likes.
  3. Miss Pepperpot

    No Verbal Filter #6 My trolls are jealous but I am not, I just want what everyone else has got

    Thanks to Noonoo99 for the great title! Carry on everyone! Please read the first page of previous threads for the full lowdown but as a quick quide: She's still lazy as fuck She's still dragging her kid up with no rules or boundaries She's still failing to look after all her animals properly...
  4. Miss Pepperpot

    No Verbal Filter (NVF) #5 Exploits her kid & pets for cash, she's toxic, fake she's trailer trash

    The perfect title for the next thread I think! Thread Five! I've actually just copied the recap from the last thread as it pretty much covers everything, the only difference being that Jo's obsession with money is getting worse, she's getting so desperate for new subscribers she's constantly...
  5. Miss Pepperpot

    No Verbal Filter #4 I Preach I'm Genuine I Preach Be Kind Before You Know It I've Robbed You Blind

    Thanks to @Noonoo99 for the new thread title. No Verbal Filter (NVF) run by Jo Solomon self titled "best mumma ever" who regularly leaves her child alone and /or in potentially dangerous situations. Her animals live in disgusting conditions and her own home known as the crudavan isn't much...
  6. Miss Pepperpot

    No Verbal Filter (NVF)#3 With Jojo She'll delete, She'll Ban, She's a GoFundMe Scam

    Thanks to myself for coming up with the awesome title! 😂 Welcome to thread 3 for No Verbal Filter run by Jo Solomon. A proven liar obsessed by money she relies on her supporters to fund her life by subscribing to either her fb page or the new more expensive ko-fi. She has an Amazon wishlist...
  7. Miss Pepperpot

    No Verbal Filter (NVF) #2 with Jo-fundme

    Thanks to Stormy Skies for the Jo-fundme suggestion! So here we are Thread two of No Verbal Filter. Jo Solomon who runs NVF is a proven liar, she's obsessed with money, breeds her animals for profit even against vets advice and takes advantage of vulnerable supporters. We want her followers...
  8. LittlemissM

    No Verbal Filter (NVF)

    I’m surprised there isn’t a thread for Jo. Biggest beggar/influencer going. She loves horses, dogs, cats etc fair enough but she can’t bloody afford them though. Her cat was shot (obviously horrible) but she no insurance so she’s set up a “go fund me” thing which has well exceeded the target...