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  1. snarkersusie

    NZ Influencers #57

    As we were. I’ll attempt a recap once my little one goes down for a nap.
  2. snarkersusie

    Simone Anderson #49 Her Thermomix meals, look quite the fright, palms off her kids to go out every night

    Congratulations to @trentstillworksfromhome you win this coveted thread title. Apologies as I did need to adjust it a smidge to fit it all in. Your prize was going to be hundreds of old embrace crops, however Simone kindly donated them to Visionwest on your behalf. I couldn’t see any poll...
  3. stanleycupgal

    NZ Influencers #56

    Just out so can't recap, can do one later if no one else does one in the meantime
  4. anotherpaidpartnership

    Just Jess #5 Here comes Boujee Baby number 1, featuring maternity shoots with a pushed out tum.

    Wow thread #5 already! Thread title thanks to @imunemployedanditsfriday Summary: Acting like she's the first woman to be pregnant, Still posts 754929377483 photos per day of her pushed out bump to make sure everyone knows, Still violating food safety protocols, Still making food and drinks...
  5. ItsMe1983

    NZ Influencers #55

    New Thread 😀 If anyone wants to do a recap, go for gold!
  6. YouveAllBeenAsking

    Simone Anderson #48 Incapable of original thought, her following continues to be bought

    Thank you to @trentstillworksfromhome for our new thread name AND for being the MVP of the last thread for your "epic" investigation of all our girl's besties! Your prize is a pack of expired anti-hangover tablets, another weekend away where you're on house arrest to the accommodation, 2 pairs...
  7. stanleycupgal

    NZ Influencers #54

    It's too early in the morning for a recap from me! Anyone else feel free to do it, otherwise they are all still cunts. The end. PS: Where is Hellofresh? Have I missed her or has she gone MIA?
  8. stanleycupgal

    NZ Influencers #53

    That was the fastest moving thread we have seen for a while, largely due to the shamanic cunt that is Harmie Marnie. After admitting to digging her nails into Mack on purpose, she then tried to convince the masses that it wasn’t her fault but her nervous system reacting. Don’t worry though, she...
  9. trentstillworksfromhome

    Simone Anderson #47 Simone has found the perfect stool, still spending stolen money like a fool

    Haere mai Hobsonville Housewife, so good to have you back naming threads like the boss babe that you are. Gatekeep, gaslight, girlboss kween! Here we all are, thread #47 of marveling at just how utterly thin the veneer of one woman's "perfect" life can be. In the last thread we enjoyed...
  10. stanleycupgal

    New Zealand Influencers #52

    Here we go again folks. Feel free to add an update below. Im heading out so don't have time.
  11. stanleycupgal

    New Zealand Influencers #51

    So the boring predictable bunch all seemed to survive the great christmas scab fest busiest month of their working lives to pop out the otherside refreshed for another amazing year. Time for reflection, making memories, shamanic journeys, alignment, health, wellness, keto and of course passive...
  12. stanleycupgal

    New Zealand Influencers #50

    Short and sweet this month Finau - still lazy, still a shit mum, still blaming everyone else for her shit storm MFM - still lazy, still depressed, still posting memes only she finds funny Marnie - shamanic journeys, knitting and parenting is on hold to solve the crisis in Gaza LFYD - 2024...
  13. snarkersusie

    Simone Anderson #46 Simone said she paid the rent, where the bloody hell is Trent?

    New thread time. Congratulations to @BondJamesBond for the thread title. You win the New Years extravaganza prize!!!!!! You can expect it to contain the following, although some of these haven’t been seen in a while so we can’t guarantee delivery. 1 x black washing basket 1 x indoor herb garden...
  14. Bluntastitganache

    New Zealand Influencers #49

    LFYDs Hairline a waste of time and money. CASSIE Major bragging has been established as major lies, she has foiled herself with earlier Patreon entries. MARINE Late to the game as usual only jumping on the Gaza situation now. REBECCA Is knackered as solo parenting (we think). ELLIE Trucked up...
  15. anotherpaidpartnership

    New Zealand Influencers #48

    I’m not up to date so please add your thread summaries below 👇
  16. YouveAllBeenAsking

    Simone Anderson #45 women's refuge money thief

    Stop the bus! Thread #45 is here! As @thermominx rightfully stated, NO TIME FOR RHYMES, THERE'S BEEN A CRIME! and we aren't just talking about Simmo's crimes against fashion and Photoshop fails. Thank you to @#gifted# for the thread name. Simple like our girl, but effective, unlike her efforts...
  17. stanleycupgal

    New Zealand Influencers #47

    Another few weeks of the Influenzas Influencers continuing to be boring assholes. However, us TC’s are good at turning shit into something and finding the little nuggets of gold. We’ve all established how to correctly pronounce Kumara...or have we :LOL: , that Mike King is a C$%t and that we...
  18. HelloFreshDiscountCode

    New Zealand Influencers #46

    The influencers have attended a #creatorcon to learn how to con influence … The nzcreatorcon Instagram stories might just have been the most dull and unoriginal series of the same photos that I’ve ever seen. How many photos of the cheap “welcome to creatorcon” light up board do we need? Dozens...
  19. HelloFreshDiscountCode

    Just Jess #4 BJ bit off more than she can chew, down the loo goes the new HQ

    Thread title named by @relatableboujeebiarch ❤️ Your prize is a frozen 3 day old cream filled donut that has been repurposed multiple times into various babyish named products and still hasn’t sold. Snaps for you, girl 🫰🫰🫰
  20. trentstillworksfromhome

    Simone Anderson #44 Christmas card features poor Ryder’s bruises, Forsyths continue to be massive losers

    Congratulations to @snarkersusie for another cracker title, sorry I had to shorten it to fit. Your prize is a bucket of slop (in the colour of your choosing!) straight from Simmo’s spare Thermomix. Pickup from Ote Boathouse or whatever that mansion in the middle of nowhere was called. Honestly...
  21. HelloFreshDiscountCode

    New Zealand Influencers #45

    🚨New thread alert 🚨 --- I haven’t been keeping up with anyone so literally all I have to add to any recap is … since when were Rebecca’s consent documents posted in here because I must have missed that 😂 Someone said she has main character syndrome and that’s the greatest description for her...
  22. snarkersusie

    Simone Anderson #43 overseas again without their tots, the only ones impressed are the purchased bots

    Congratulations to @HelloFreshDiscountCode you win the coveted thread title name for number 43. Your prize is a 12 month subscription to Simone’s new Subscribers* feature on Insta. You can look forward to many many shots of her children and finding out why Asher was given a pot plant. Riveting...
  23. stanleycupgal

    New Zealand Influencers #44

    Welcome to thread 44, before you settle in, a few things to note.... Be kind, this is my first time 5millionMandurahkids is requesting we dont post her kids faces on here. She's desperate for Patreon customers privacy so if you want to see what flavour ice cream Alvins’ little chipmunks prefer...
  24. HelloFreshDiscountCode

    Simone Anderson #42 Simone kissed another man called Cam. Continues to lose followers on the gram

    Winning thread title goes to @snarkersusie Your prize is a no expenses paid trip to Hobsonville for a one-on-one spelling lesson with Simone, congratulations! Just devine 🙌🏼
  25. HelloFreshDiscountCode

    New Zealand Influencers #43

    We open our Thread #43 recap with Officially Em who continues to complain about the cost of living to try stay relatable to the majority of her followers, but fails to mention her massive monthly income from patreon and their newly-built-3-years-ago rental in Hamilton. Her children continue to...