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  1. Curlique

    Lisa My_solo_journey_to_mom #13 Lazy Lisa has a strop - "I've worked so hard for all I've got"...

    New thread. Alas full title wouldn't fit but here it is: azy Lisa has a strop - "I've worked so hard for all I've got". Sat on her arse 2 years on the trot. Bravo for the title @Kodi 👏
  2. O

    Lisa My_Solo_Journey_to_Mom #12 Nap routine followed to a T, don't kiss the babies, they might get RSV.

    @Kodi well done on the thread title 👏👏
  3. Curlique

    Lisa My_solo_journey_to_Mom #11 50 Shades of Pancakes

    We're flying through Lisa threads at the moment though she's doing f*ck all 🤣 Excellent thread title by @Dimplesjones 👏
  4. Curlique

    Lisa My_solo_journey_to_mom #10 Always the bridesmaid never the bride, can’t go to work, flogs junk on th

    New thread for our Lisa, new title courtesy of @nasa5 (and Tattle character limits 😂) Edit: damn thought I'd squeezed it in without spaces. Title ends ..."on the side" 😉
  5. Curlique

    Lisa My_solo_journey_to_Mom #9 Back to work, having a ‘mare, would rather be flogging jellies & shapewear!

    New thread for our Lisa and those poor girls. Thread title thanks to @DollyDaydreaming Update: Not so tiny tears as Lisa is back to work all of two days a week. Childcare courtesy of de mudder but how long that will last is anyone's guess. Both the work and the childcare 😉
  6. I’mThankyou_

    Lisa My_Solo_Journey_To_Mom #7 Solo mum pretends she's single but stuffs the babies so she can instagram

    New thread. Recap Lisa & the babies have covid. Babies are on 3 full solid meals a day despite not being ready. Will Hazel wear the christening gown or will she man up and let her nephew wear it? Winning thread title thanks to IfOnlyIWasAWitch
  7. S

    Lisa My_solo_journey_to_mom #6 Twins being overfed so solo mom can spend more time in bed!

    Winning thread title to @DollyDaydreaming with 46 likes. Recap: - Lisa went to a NICU while sick and thought it was hilarious - Lisa says there's no way one person could change and dress two babies at once for an appointment - Lisa can change two dirty nappies in 2 mins and 13 seconds...
  8. O

    Lisa My_solo_journey_to_mom #5 Is she lazy or is she dense, get rid of the milky mates.. If that makes sense?!

    @Louber most liked title And remember Lisa doesn’t want any advice 😂😂
  9. I’mThankyou_

    Lisa - My_Solo_Journey_To_Mom #4 Do the girls constantly nap, or is Lisa full of it

    New Thread! Thanks to Hollem for the title!
  10. L

    Lisa - my_solo_journey_to_mom #3

    Anyone want to give a recap?
  11. I’mThankyou_

    Lisa - My_solo_journey_to_mom #2

    New thread Recap. She pumps don't you know, girls are on 6ozs, don't have reflux and aren't being over fed 🙄 The girls were born 6 weeks early, currently 8 weeks old (2 corrected). They sleep 9-5 on a strict schedule. The nightdress is never off. Its a faff to leave the house but she'll leave...
  12. Sunflowerrose

    Lisa - My_solo_journey_to_mom

    Set up as requested- can someone give a brief introduction please?
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