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  1. MOD & FOD #14 Who cares that my wife is going through hell; when there’s hair bands to lose and children to sell

    Thread title by @Alibongo view all threads
  2. MOD & FOD #13 My wife has jeopardised our brand, but where oh where did I put that hair band?

    Title credit goes to @MakeMineADouble continue here!! Thread 13. Unlucky for some 😐 View all threads • Clemmie’s first shot at fame attached from the previous thread.
  3. MOD & FOD #12 When I throw my wife under the bus, I always use National Express #ad #gifted

    Thread title by Greg James / @Aliceshmalice as it was the post by far with the most likes!
  4. MOD & FOD #11 Sorry seems to be the hardest word

    Title suggested by @motherofdonkeys Continue here! Special shout out to @GreyWolf for this much loved suggestion!
  5. MOD & FOD #10 Wonder if Gousto do a recipe for humble pie?

    Thread title by @motherofdonkeys and had the most votes at 34
  6. MOD & FOD #9 Gifted loot, pink jumpsuit, I like to pair it with a clumpy boot

    Thread title by @Doobots View all other threads Now let's get back to women supporting women in fugly boots and £140 pink jumpsuits 😁
  7. MOD & FOD #8 Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Japan after midnight, help me when Slymon’s away

    Full title was "Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Japan after midnight, help me with the twinnies though when Slymon’s away" but it wouldn't fit.
  8. MOD & FOD #7 When my grid gets full of #pressdiscount plugs, it’s time to whip out my saintly scrubs!

    Thread title by @Tothemoonandback View all threads : as you were :)
  9. MOD & FOD #6 Hanging out with a secret nanny, doing admin on my fanny

    Thread title by @Tothemoonandback View all threads As you were :)
  10. MOD & FOD #4 The kids are on show to fund the reno!

    Title from Cyanide Kiss. Just had to shorten it a little to fit , hope that’s ok .
  11. MOD & FOD #3 Part time parents full time grifters

    Thread name @Birdy60
  12. S

    MOD & FOD #2 Non stop cringe, shady AF, daddy's unhinged

    New thread for Mother of Daughters and Father of Daughters Previous thread here:
  13. MOD & FOD - Mother Of Daughters & Father Of Daughters

    So MOD has declared they are going to have an ethical Christmas of charitable donations and no gifts between MOD/FOD. Very easy to do this when your year has been swamped with gifts, holidays, breaks, all sorts of lovely things I also hate the way that the message is you aren’t ‘unethical’...
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