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  1. zyxwvu

    Manley Family #25 Too Irrelevant for a Thread Title

    Looked through and multiple suggestions had the same amount of likes, so thought I'd just use @seaside girl 's comment as inspo for a thread title. Hope that was ok. Recap: - Manley's still an irrelevant bellend that can't be without his Mummy. - Lucy's a mug herself but mugged everyone else...
  2. mumz

    Manley Family #24 Mummy's boy begging for views. Failing at life now he's got no kids to use.

    Winning title from @zyxwvu Is this guy finished now on TikTok? Nothing interesting to see Nothing interesting to do Perfect recap from @pokerboy21
  3. mumz

    Manley family #23 Lucy and Debbie make us howl, Tom joined cl@pper and is on the prowl

    Winning thread title with a whopping 23 likes from @IR0201 Recap is quotes from all of us The brothel scandal just won't go away Which idiot told his Mum she can sing ? It sounds like someone stood on her foot Them little, fat hands ffs He did the dirty on his subscribers and left them in...
  4. mumz

    Manley Family #22 Mummy's boy is a narcissist, the hippy witch can’t resist, his followers are mainly kids

    Winning title with 16 likes from @Trapped_soul Recap 5 days and a new thread, that's a Mankey record Mr & Mrs have exposed each other Tom's definition of "last word on the subject" is saying it 10 times Mummy still rides to the rescue The followers are getting even younger! Turns gifts off...
  5. mumz

    Manley Family #20 Lucy's thinner, Mankey's grimmer, rather eat sick than what he cooks for dinner.

    New thread title from @sofaz56 and a very warm welcome to this thread Recap All eyes on this thread for epicness Is divorce now on the cards? Big boys toys before baby toys (pool table) Living like a king while baby mama's live on crumbs Tom still talking to children Are skeletons about to come...
  6. mumz

    Manley family #19 Underage gifters nowhere to be seen, he’s addicted to his screen and still not had a clean.

    The perfect titlle care of @lyndseyross115 Recap: When will this dirty beg's time be up? Are the DWP and UC aware of his income and gifts? Time will tell Lucy seems genuinely skint Does Tom help her out? Thinks he can sing but ...... OUCH He using the baby for content and views He is not...
  7. mumz

    Manley Family #18 Tom's got his own flat, still wearing a mankey hat and thinks he’s all that

    Thanks @lyndseyross115 for the perfect thread title recap: Who will win in a battle Lucy or Tom? Why are bananas always in the nom noms Lucy is using the kids for views She's not got money for uniforms or shoes Said she's on benefits as bills to pay Looks like Tom's not paying his way Tom's...
  8. mumz

    Manley Family #17 Tom's all alone, begging money he’s blown. Sofa surfing while Tattler's are observing

    Winning title from @lyndseyross115 Recap is quotes from us all Broke up on holiday or before? Who really ended the marriage? Is Manley GAY? Will he come out? The absolute beggar of TikTok Subscriptions on Gives the WEEKLYS a go as that's BIG money Jumping on the Beg Brother bandwagon The fat...
  9. mumz

    Manley Family #16 - Kicked Out By Baby Mama Three, Abandoned Kids To Stay With Mummy.

    Winning Thread title with 11 likes from @zyxwvu Recap from all of our posts Chose TikTok over his family Before the holiday he joked about splitting up, after holiday he split up ....opps Holiday management loved them, couldn't do enough for them, but was rude to them after they complained...
  10. mumz

    Manley Family #15 Square head, shoulders, knees & toes. Hotel is grotty in Lanzarote. Kids need sunblocky

    Title is a collab between me and @c.tingz Recap is a little bit of everyones posts Worst advert for British tourists Kids sunburnt on the first day of holiday Lucy's dad needed medical treatment Lucy's sister is the latest sunburn victim Hotel staff were NOT impressed with Mankey Film Crew...
  11. mumz

    Manley Family #14 Tom’s on a losing streak, doesn’t know the meaning of a working week

    Thanks for the winning title from @lyndseyross115 Recap is a few quotes from thread #13 from various Tattlers All off to sunny Spain, La Viva La Begging Nightly battles, Recharge, lets get up the leaderboard. I'm not a sore loser, its just that I prefer to win and when I don't I get furious...
  12. NannyNelly

    Manley Family #13 Marry in haste, repent at leisure, holidays paid for by begging for treasure.

    I've used @Trapped_soul thread suggestion, couldn't search back through posts. Recap: Continue to beg Will do Mr and Mrs with anyone Mr and Mrs with Beggy and Pandy Mr and Mrs with Lucy Tried to do Mr and Mrs with the fraudsters Considered doing Mr and Mrs with Lawrence and James Still not...
  13. IR0201

    Manley Family #12 Dirty Grooming Beggars

    Thank you @mumz for the title ♥️ Does anyone want to recap?
  14. mumz

    Manley Family #11 Manley's went to Tokfest, even though they weren’t a guest, and weren’t best dressed

    12 votes and the winning title thanks to @lyndseyross115 lyndseyross115 said: Manley family #11 Manley's went to Tokfest, even though they weren’t a guest, and weren’t best dressed 9 votes @NoseyRosie said: Manley Family #11 Mankey tried to prove to us all that he owned a washing machine. Like...
  15. zyxwvu

    Manley family #10 Hide Your Kids In A Den, Manley's Coming For Their Pocket Money Again.

    Credit to @Tryger88 for the brilliant thread title. Recap: - Mankey did his pointless live last night. - He showed no receipts. - Went in hard on the women especially, which sums him up. - He won't be mentioning it again apparently... Lol. - New over 18's live account with SpongeBob as...
  16. zyxwvu

    Manley Family #9 Can’t take the pace, with Tattlers on the case.

    Welcome to Thread 9 of the Mankey shit show. Credit to the wonderful @mumz for thread title. Recap: - Mankey did rubbish in the latest leaderboard competition. - Mankey then played the mental health card and has come off live streams. - Mankey will be on live at 8pm on Monday to beg for...
  17. zyxwvu

    Manley Family #8 Mankey's fakeaways, begging for holidays, gifts off kids, needs matchsticks for eyelids.

    Welcome to Thread 8! Title courtesy of @hellomynameis88 - had to cut it down a bit to fit. Original was: Mankeys having fakeaways, begging all night for his holidays, still having gifts off kids, he needs some matchsticks for his eyelids. Recap: - Tom's still a whining beg. - Tom still...
  18. mumz

    Manley Family #7 Tom's A Melon, Kids Gifting At 11, Cries He's Being Picked On While Still Leaving Gifts On.

    Thread title from the wonderful @Tryger88 Manleyfamily1 Tom's the most hated man on TikTok Tom's the biggest beggar on TikTok Promised charity lives - didn't deliver Promised to turn gifts off - didn't deliver Got threatened by a troll who said they will firework his house, he ran off to the...
  19. Discolights

    Manley family #6 Tom, TikTok’s most hated man, little kids his greatest fans,

    New thread tittle thanks to the lovely @mumz! (I’m at work so can’t do a big run down at the No minute)
  20. zyxwvu

    Manley family #5 They’re on such a mission, to win this competition.. They’re giving tattlers ammunition.

    Welcome to Thread 5 of the shit show, titled by @lyndseyross115 . Great title. Old thread here (other old threads found in the little orange link above). Recap: After...
  21. HelloHeyHi

    Manley Family #4 Crying over Tattle, begging disguised as battling

    Manley Family thread four. Thread suggestion "Crying over Tattle, begging disguised as battling" by @zyxwvu Quick recap - still begging
  22. mumz

    Manley Family #3 Merch made with love and care, lying through their teeth so they can sleep with Claire

    Thread title courtesy of @zyxwvu Recap: Still the biggest beggars on TikTok They allow small children to become followers They allow small children and vulnerable people to send them gifts Bought out cheap tatty merch The merch design is scruffy, misplaced, and not lined up very well Toms...
  23. zyxwvu

    Manley Family #2 Begging on the booze with their under age views

    New thread. Credit to myself for the title. Don't worry, I won't let the fame go to my head. I do accept carousels and universes as a tip though (Looking at you Mrs Kirby 😉 ) Recap: - Manley Family are still begs. - They did a New Years Eve live for charity, but left their gifts on. Despite...
  24. B

    The Manley Family

    A bit rough around the edges but I actually quite like them, they’re harmless really. Anyone know why he closed his sweet shop though? They don’t have that many followers/engagement so I’d be surprised if they could make a living from TikTok? Anyway, what’s everyone’s thoughts?