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  1. The Devils Arse

    Vigil - BBC

    Who is excited for this?! I can't wait! Shrine of duty podcast are going to be doing episode recaps every Wednesday again as well. It's starting this Sunday @ 2100 on BBC1 and then on Monday, same time. Next 4 week episodes are on Sunday @ 21:00. Plot Synopsis: The mysterious disappearance...
  2. StephenTJackson

    Line of Duty #7

    New Thread.
  3. StephenTJackson

    Line of Duty #6

  4. aimzalicious

    Line of Duty #5

    No comment. No comment. No comment. Jesus Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey!! Continue here fellas Nicknames for characters updated below: Aldi/BTEC Dot/Cheekbones - DS Chris Lomax Jammy Bakewell - Jimmy Lakewell WWW (waistcoat wearing wonder) - DI Steve Arnott Waitrose Dot - Dot/DI Matthew...
  5. aimzalicious

    Line of Duty #4 No spoilers

    Starting a new thread before it kicks off and everyone floods in at 10 pm! For anyone newer to the threads, there are a few nicknames flying around. DCI @malolo came up with a helpful list below so no one gets confused:
  6. aimzalicious

    Line of Duty #3

    Continue here fellas! Quick update: Ted is "retiring" (aka being forced out) and the AC unit is being reduced by 90% - mother of god, they're trying to split the gang up! Steve keeps deleting his emails and would definitely win on Call of Duty with his shooting skills Jimmy Lakewell (or Jammy...
  7. coconochanel

    Line of Duty #2

    carry on people. so a quick rundown for newbies or if you cant keep up... Steve is still struggling with his back spasms and cant get laid Ryan is a bent smug bastard Kate is still fab We don't like Davison Chris 'cheekbones' is hot We arn't sure if Buckles has been set up (by Davison)