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  1. S

    Leila Stead #8 Listen here zebra pants…

    One of the top comments last thread was “listen here zebra pants” needs to be in the title so here it is! We are coming up to the end of the latest scam and her cash grabs are getting more outlandish, I’m sure this thread will move faster than her relationship with ding dong did, tattle on...
  2. J0J0

    Leila Stead #7 Latest scam is talking to your dead fam, Soulfull Space (w/ 2 underscores) is a disgrace

    Thanks to @shortpoppysyndrome for the title! (Sorry I too had to trim it as it had too many characters). Tattle on!
  3. J0J0

    Leila Stead #6 Tarah’s a joke- lost her bloke & faked a Big W stroke. Must be time for a bunion soak

    Hopefully I’ve done this correctly 🤞🏼 It wouldn’t let me correct the tag to the right spelling for Stead though 😒
  4. lifeispeachy

    Crystal Bailey

    As Lizzo says, "it's about damn time..."
  5. BeachBaby

    Leila Stead #4 DingDongDion and TarahTonneTits find true love, but will she find the rabbit?

    The new thread on Leila and her latest one true love! Thanks to @Justbeige for the title! Apologies if yet was others with more votes but I couldn't find them. 🥴
  6. therealsmilf

    Leila Stead #3 aka Goldejewels aka Social Golde aka We Are Le Mama

    New thread for Leila Stead. The only women ever to be left pregnant
  7. therealsmilf

    Leila Stead - theleilarae - goldejewels #2

    Thread for Australian wannabe influencer and jewellery designer Leila Stead.
  8. lycheemartini

    Leila Stead - theleilarae

    Requested thread for Australian influencer Leila Stead.
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