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  1. Johnson1901

    Jo’s Unfiltered Life #8 Liar, liar, size 26 stretchy trousers on fire

    Well done @K4040 for the winning thread title. You win absolutely nothing cus The Gigantor and her boyfriend Tubs have eaten everything I could possibly get you an item of her clothing if you’re interested in camping?
  2. Rach88

    Jo's Unfiltered Life #7 Welcome to the world of Jo she has 4 tits and nothing quite fits

    Apt thread suggestion by @K4040 Link to previous thread Slight recap still beggy still getting bigger still a shit mum
  3. Rach88

    Jo’s Unflitered Life #6 The big fake Greek, utter rubbish is all she speaks

    Thread suggestion by @K4040 Had to shorten it a tiny bit so it would fit :)
  4. Rach88

    Jo's unfiltered life #5 Putting on weight & reading tattle, all Jo's clothes are fighting a losing battle!

    New thread angels Had to shorten the title slightly so it fitted had to get rid of the through and change the and to & Thread title by @JustSteph Link to previous thread here...
  5. Rach88

    Jo's Unflitered Life #4 Baking cakes and eating Tommy tit, but it's not Jo's fault the clothes don't fit

    Thread title by @jojida Link to previous thread here Will recap soon
  6. Rach88

    Jo's unfiltered life #3 benifts cheat and a toxic mother, rotten teeth, she couldn't be rougher

    Again well done to @Ellen19 for the winning thread title suggestion New Jo thread as you were guys Recap Jo seems to live a great life for someone on the 'sick' and seems to like showing off the fact she cheats the system while us in the normal world are struggling with between feeding...
  7. Rach88

    Jo unfiltered life #2 Beggy Beggy Beggy, Can't you see, fake and trash is all you'll ever be

    Thanks to @Ellen19 for thread suggestion As you were guys
  8. B

    Jo’s unfiltered life

    Making a thread for the biggest blatant beg on TikTok how anyone can fall for her hinting and send her money gifts is beyond me