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  1. JellyDonut

    xxJigglyJugsxx #5 Flashing her beef curtains on Only Spams with a pearl necklace from dimwit Dan

    New thread for our KK 🥰 the last thread was a wild ride culminating in Dan spraying his man batter all over KK’s tits 💦 and KK flashing her tuna canoe as she had a little rummage 🐟 Feel free to add anything! Congrats to @KindnessWins for the winning thread title. Can’t believe you’re so...
  2. JellyDonut

    xxJigglyjugsxx #4 six new jobs, a prepped cup of tea, toothless Dan has finally left me

    Winning thread title thanks to @sad little life jane anyone care to recap?
  3. hakunamatata11111

    xxJigglyjugsxx #3 EA7 and Love Moschino, but we're just jealous trolls, so what do we know?

    Most liked thread title thanks to @Ratgrrl 😂 which I’m sure our lovely Kayleigh will have something to say about today after she’s come home from sitting on a skanky bed eating Chinese with another guy.
  4. JellyDonut

    XxJigglyjugsxx #2 You watch me I don’t watch you. Oh yes you do, go and eat a meal for two

    Winning thread title by @Prettyhurts
  5. I’mThankyou_


    All things XxJigglyJugsxx Using tiktok name as that is the 40k platform.
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