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YouTuber and part-time Tesco worker. Likes to think of herself as a weightloss guru while fleecing her subs into buying WL charts and calorie controlled plans ,she's stacking up the pounds both in weight and money while her subs are losing theirs (money)!
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  1. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #23 Jane Scammons! finally lost a stone but only from her ring

    thanks to @Mari24 for the title suggestion, added a bit more to it as the whole losing of the stone had to be honoured for the laughs it gave us ;) recap from last thread.....same old same old for the dull duo but in a nutshell..... we're wondering if she will she rejoin SW seen as that's the...
  2. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #22 Cats pee to Jackson Bay, Charlie's mum's sent away, all going Chins way

    Welcome to another thread folks and thanks to @FavouriteChild for the cracking title, had to change it slightly to get it to fit, hope its ok! update from last thread...... Jane has gone back to starting work at 6am instead of 3am as she was feeling tired all the time as she's so so busy...
  3. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #21 Pukka pied and prejudice with coleslaw on her chin

    new thread already guys!!! I went for the "plain spinster sister" title as per her titanic face swap pictures, if you've not yet seen them check out the last thread and enjoy ;) also incorporated coleslaw chin from @Emperortooco at the suggestion of @wotdidijustwatch recap will be dull...
  4. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #20 Waxin’ her tache & splashin’ the cash, over-eating and comment deleting

    Woah! thread 20 already guys, thanks to @Bumblebea123 for a great title, had to alter it slightly as it didn't fit, hope its ok little re cap on the last thread..... still being Estee fraudster making income claims to reel in the hunbots still ignoring the fact Charlies mum is in need of their...
  5. lexiloo

    Jane gammons #19 Janeychins has goals as big as her rolls, her only views are from trolls

    Thanks @ChubClubThug for a cracking title 😂 with 19 likes Will Jane stop lying about her weight and calories? Will her "bis-niz" hit the big time soon? Will she ever up her hours at Tesco? Stay tuned for more episodes of Esteé Frauder and the perfume empire of doom Tattle on folks!
  6. Rosap

    Jane Gammons #18 Estee Frauder - lies, pies, abandoned Charwees Mum on a Live

    Well done @lexiloo with 14 likes Had to amend to fit, hope that's ok 😊 Original was: Jane gammons #18 estee frauder - weight loss lies, pukka pies, abandoned charwees mum
  7. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #17 No Sense by Jane & peekaboo moobs, piling on weight with boxed free food

    Thanks for a great title collab from @Rosap and @monga had to change it slightly to make it fit, tattle on folks......
  8. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #16 Fake anxiety is no more it’s back to Jane being a Bore

    Thanks to @CheekyCrackerLover for the title with 22 votes.....tattle on folks!
  9. Rosap

    Jane Gammons #15

    NEW THREAD (Had to slightly shorten it) Thanks to @Yashlions with 21 likes. You win the opportunity to wear the pink coat Continue on twits 😊 ☕ mod edit: thread title of I’m ill I’m fat I’m just a lazy twat @ a bargain price of 1.99 is a bit mean, anything without calling someone fat and a twat?
  10. Rosap

    Jane Gammons #14 Janeychins your lies are sick! Charlie Bean - you're just thick

    @ChubClubThug wins with 17 votes I think this is right, there was a lot of pages on the last thread!! Let's continue then.. 😂 I have so much time these days to keep up
  11. String Man

    Jane Gammons #13 More dogger than vlogger, feeling the bloat & can't fasten her pink coat

    Amended to fit as there were way too many characters. Hope this is okay. Pretty sure it was the one with the most likes but the old thread ran to 58 pages so I may be wrong 😂 Thanks to @Emperortooco for the new thread title. Other Gammon-filled threads here...
  12. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #12 I have a voice & a platform more like I have a pukka pie & a gym ball

    Thanks for the votes on my suggestion folks, I really had to play around with this to make it fit but I think it conjures up the giggles from her quote for sure tattle on folks ;)
  13. lexiloo

    Jane Gammon #11 Lip smacks, party snacks, won’t put the heat on for Charlie’s mouldy cacks

    some fab title suggestions guys, on a roll as always but the win goes to @Queenie who had the most likes tattle on folks ;)
  14. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #10 Janes livid cos bean fancies twins, bouncing on the ball to banish the chins

    thanks to @Spinidge for another great title, had to modify it slightly to get it to fit
  15. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #9 unwrapping all the tat, Had to take my rings off, my fingers are too fat

    Thanks to @Spinidge for the title, I had to amend slightly to make it fit, flying through these threads like Jane with a box of mince pies ;)
  16. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #8 flat full of tat, still just as fat, vlogmas is gonna be crap....innit Charlie?

    title thanks @lexiloo 😂 AKA me and mucho thanks to all who liked it!
  17. Hatshepsut

    Jane Gammons #7 Halloween with Mr Bean & Trick or Treat with trotter’s feet

    Thanks to @Dolphingal for the new thread title with the most likes. 😁
  18. String Man

    Jane Gammons #5 No longer dipping in the treaty drawer, how come she's bigger than before?

    I think this was the top suggestion? Tweaked slightly to fit characters in. Thank you to @Spinidge
  19. Yel

    Jane Gammons #4 Booty band around her thighs but she can’t recall her size

    Let me know if I missed a good suggestion
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