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  1. James Smith PT #3 How (not) to be a hunt

    Thread 3.
  2. James Smith PT #2 James Smith & his insta clique.

    Following on from previous thread. As you were... I’m going to begin this thread on a positive note. I absolutely love Ben Carpenter. I have followed him for quite a while. His content is amazing. It’s well researched and so informative. When someone challenges him or trolls him, he is so...
  3. James Smith PT and Friends (insta clique)

    Oh..... I so would. He’s an arrogant fucker, but he’s fit as fuck. I’m 15 years older than him but I still would. He gives me fizzy knickers! https://www.instagram.com/jamessmithpt
  4. James Smith

    Love this social media. He has helped really make me think about my approach to food and “dieting”. He seems to be in a relationship with shona vertue- another fitness guru. She’s gorgeous. Not sure if they are definitely exclusive though. As far as I know they haven’t acknowledged it...
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