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WAGs (or Wags) is an acronym used to refer to wives and girlfriends of high-profile sportspersons. The term may also be used in the singular form, WAG, to refer to a specific female partner or life partner who is in a relationship with a sportsperson. The term and its use has been described as demeaning to women and sexist.
The term was first used by the British tabloid press to refer to the wives and girlfriends of high-profile footballers, originally the England national football team. It came into common use during the 2006 FIFA World Cup, although the term had been used occasionally before that. The acronym has since been used by the media in other countries to describe the female partners of sportspeople in general.

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  1. HaloGirl

    Footballers & Wags #50

    We have reached drumroll… Ronnie Foden aged 4 does celebrity events Harry Maguire scores goals ……….. for the opposition And James Maddison likes to be the main man when he goes out for a roast dinner. As you were.
  2. HaloGirl

    Footballers & Wags #49

    New thread, new season. As you were
  3. HaloGirl

    Footballers & Wags #48

    Mason G and his girlfriend have had their baby (hope she has lots of support) . Benjamin Mendy has been found not guilty… On a positive note we hope Dele Alli has seen the love for him and has a great season. Do watch the Overlap interview if you haven’t already .
  4. GoldenBoots

    Footballers & Wags #47

    NEW THREAD! Man City won 3 things and I haven't been paying attention so if some kind person could do a TLDR?
  5. Rosa34

    Footballers & Wags #46

    So only one last game weekend left and then the seasons over so a quick recap, city won the title and could be in for the triple if everything goes their way, Newcastle got champions league for the first time in 20 years, Brighton got europa, hopefully we’ll be getting some good gossip now the...
  6. Rosa34

    Footballers & Wags #45

    we’re coming to the end of another premier league season and it looks like city have the league wrapped up (sorry arsenal fans x) the end of another league means the start of the summer break so hopefully we have plenty of tea then (may it start with Eric and the dog sitter splitting up x) As...
  7. Diddikins

    Footballers and Wags #44

    New thread
  8. S

    Footballers and WAGs #43

    It’s the same old England squad, the Dog Sitter is still dog sitting and teams play football (some in more cups/leagues than others!)
  9. S

    Footballers and Wags #42

    Previous thread: not a great week for English teams in the UCL, a 40 year old turned 26 and RIP to the great Motty. This week: Potentially Qatar Man U vs Saudi Arabia Newcastle in the Cup final, Spurs take on the most expensive team in the bottom half of the league and, as ever, we hope for...
  10. HaloGirl

    Footballers and Wags #41

    Arsenal are top of the PL. The Carabao Cup final is between Man United v Newcastle United on the 26th of Feb. Major drama on that date will be Porro v Felix. Chelsea spent more money in the January transfer window than the French, Spanish, German and Italian leagues put together. There is a £107...
  11. HaloGirl

    Footballers and Wags #40

    Arsenal are eight points clear. If MUFC win tonight we will be one point away from MCFC. Shakira has given us great tea. Olivia has now returned. Even though we support different teams there is a lot of love on this thread. In Shak’s words, we are all a “Rolex”. And wags give us some gossip!
  12. HaloGirl

    Footballers and Wags #39

    Happy New Year y’all! World Cup done. The Prem has restarted. Ronaldo has signed for that well known Champions League team Al Nassr. From the last thread @Donald23 suggested the following. We need predictions: - next divorce - next cheating scandal (although why they are scandals at this point...
  13. S

    Footballers and Wags #38

    It’s the World Cup etc etc. Modric, Messi and Morocco are in the semis. Will it be Maguire or Mbappe to join them?
  14. GoldenBoots

    Footballers and Wags #37

    Apparently, it's The World Cup this year. TLDR - Wags on a boat, FIFA hates flags specifically rainbow ones, someone got engaged and Mason Mount got confused by two new words in the Natty Anthy. Carry on.
  15. HaloGirl

    Footballers and Wags #36

    Premier league games finish this weekend. If Arsenal beat Wolves they will be top of the Premier League at Christmas. The countdown to the start of the World Cup has begun. Our favourite wags are getting match photo ready. Carry on here.
  16. GoldenBoots

    Footballers and Wags #35

    Another relatively quiet month, we played bingo and spun Klopp's Wheel of Excuses, an erroneous red card may have led to Stevie G's demise, Sasha's boyfriend appeared in the news again for the wrong reasons, nepotism reigns supreme at a particular food app with a simple dog sitter seemingly on...
  17. GoldenBoots

    Footballers and Wags #34

    To recap, Klopp continued with his "the dog ate my homework" excuses, some fans are thirsting after new a Man City player who looks like a cross between Thor and a garden gnome on growth hormones and wannabe toff Eric Dier has an (alleged) new business partner girlfriend. As you were x
  18. Red hair dont care

    Footballers and Wags #33

    It's transfer deadline day today (see SSN go mad, although not dressed in yellow anymore). Crazy money being spent by some teams and daft amount of players bought by others. But Mr Ronaldo you are at United at least until Jan my dear sit on that bench and keep it warm 😂🤣 So new season started...
  19. Red hair dont care

    Footballers and Wags #32

    Well creating this as United are 4-0 down to Brentford. What a start to the season for Ten Hag😬. The Blues across the city will be loving this. Other news new season just started so lots of comings and goings. Finally Barcelona what a joke they are making of the rules in Spain. Selling their...
  20. Rosa34

    Footballers And Wags #28

    Well… quick recap: •wagatha Christie rumbles on while Phil Mitchell (Wayne lol) and Jamie vardy watch on.. who will win? All remains to be seen •city have got haaland (the insta influencers are currently moving to Manchester as we speak.) •the league is more or less wrapped up (congrats city...
  21. Rosa34

    Footballers And Wags #27

    So there’s not much to recap on at all but.. • Kyle walkers wife got herself into a bit of a scandal last week • Sean Dyche has just been sacked from Burnley • We’re nearing the end of the PL and the CL so things are heating up Hopefully we’ll have more gossip as the summer nears closer. That’s...
  22. Rosa34

    Footballers And Wags #26

    Well.. where do we start • man United are in a crisis (what’s new there) • not much to write home about in terms of wags lately ( could change lol) • Roy Keane is too funny for words and that’s pretty much all I can think of at this time. Also, we’re all praying for the people of Ukraine and...
  23. HaloGirl

    Footballers and WAGS #25

    After the latest shocking developments over the last few days here comes #25. Will this be a turning point in football? Please continue here.
  24. Red hair dont care

    Footballers and WAGS #24

    Well, football has just been a little annoying with the amount of cancellations because of injuries and covid so here's hoping it's gets better. Onwards we go 😀
  25. Rosa34

    Footballers and Wags #23

    so tiny recap: most (all nearly wags) are antivax and lunatics. It’s New Year’s Day (who would believe it) The premier league is heating up (mostly for city) Noel Edmonds Is releasing a jewellery collection (which no one will buy) Transfer window is now open As you were…
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