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WAGs (or Wags) is an acronym used to refer to wives and girlfriends of high-profile sportspersons. The term may also be used in the singular form, WAG, to refer to a specific female partner or life partner who is in a relationship with a sportsperson. The term and its use has been described as demeaning to women and sexist.
The term was first used by the British tabloid press to refer to the wives and girlfriends of high-profile footballers, originally the England national football team. It came into common use during the 2006 FIFA World Cup, although the term had been used occasionally before that. The acronym has since been used by the media in other countries to describe the female partners of sportspeople in general.

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  1. Zantezoo

    Footballers & WAGS #14

    Here we go again. Previous thread here: Things got a bit lively previous thread when Euros ended and everyone went on holiday. Usual suspects getting chatted about. Will Sasha get a holiday? Will Jack post her? Footnote to last...
  2. MarthaFarkus

    Footballers and Wags #13

    Keep calm and carry on! If someone can be arsed, can you do a recap please.
  3. Wifo1976

    Footballers & WAGs #12 Recap: Mainly Euros chat, discussion and some gossip. Now it’s (hopefully) coming home on Sunday! As you were☺️
  4. Zantezoo

    Footballers & WAGs #11

    Not even sure how to recap thread 10 😂😂 but here we go for more… thread 10 found here ⤵️
  5. Zantezoo

    Footballers & WAGS #10

    We’ve made it to thread 10! Too much to recap so previous thread here ⤵️ Wonder if Desiree or the German poster will join in again and give us closure?
  6. Zantezoo

    Footballers & WAGs #9

    Continue here guys! Previous thread found here: Last thread saw a few wag pregnancies, super league come and go & we never heard back from our German pal or Desiree on her sister. Anyone want to add anything else?
  7. MarthaFarkus

    Footballers & WAGs #8

    Well, what to say? There was some chat about Grealish and his doormat, someone came along and chatted some shit (allegedly) and we still don’t know where Shouty McShoutface disappeared to, although some have their suspicions... As you were guys.
  8. Zantezoo

    Footballers & WAGs #7

    Follow up here. Sasha still a doormat. we may or may not have someone about to spill the beans or do an insta live but no one knows who she it a trap to lure tattlers? Is it genuine? Stay tuned guys. Also where is @LadyCandour?
  9. Zantezoo

    Footballers & WAGS #6

    Flew threw thread 5 thanks to some good Raya tea.😏 Previous thread here - Continue here. ⤵️
  10. Zantezoo

    Footballers & WAGs #5

    Continue here please Previous thread found here
  11. Zantezoo

    Footballers & WAGs #4

    Continue here please. previous thread here -
  12. Blairr

    Footballers & WAGs #3

    New thread time! 🤔
  13. N

    Footballers & WAGs #2

    As you were, ladies and gents. :D
  14. InTheNo

    Footballers and WAGs

    Edit: Thread renamed from Kate Wright and Rio Ferdinand Any further speculation about the rumors she was sleeping with him whilst his wife was upstairs dying of cancer? Apparently he is still sleeping with another girls from Kent... He has paid for abortions... and has a history of Domestic...
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