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    Emmylou Loves #24 Yo yo mumma looking for a man, flashing her cans, about to start her Only Fans

    Congratulations to @TrainwreckinTulla for the most-liked new thread title! You have won a leftover bag of cheezels (they've been on the floor under the bed so might have a bit of fluff on them); some pre-loved, unwashed, jeans; and a lovely selection of used aprons! Special mention to @posty...
  2. screenfreelookatme

    Emmylou Loves #23 Aaron’s a witch, Tattle’s a bitch, so get ya sponsored kitchen tits out for Mitch

    Thread number 23 for Emmylou from Emmylou Loves! We are flying through these! Thank you to @CEOManagingDirectorAuthor for working like a mad dog to come up with our new thread title 👏🏻
  3. Michy02

    Emmylou Maccarthy #22 Our Lady of Perpetual Cringe Is Receiveth By The Angelic Order of Cheezels

    Emmylou Loves #22 Our Lady of Perpetual Cringe Is Receiveth By The Angelic Order of Cheezels (by @SnarkyTart thank you for our new thread title! 👏🎉) Follow the light Emmylou 🙏🤲🕯📿 👼⭕ Last thread we were treated to ELL’s personal space! We found a hidden surprise of a packet of cheezels under...
  4. 1001 others

    Emmylou Loves #21 Spent the last 6 yrs glued to her phone, still can’t work out why she’s waking up alone

    Congratulations to @icouldsizedown for the great new title! (I had to abbreviate 'years' to make it all fit). A special mention to @Fungal flaps whose post about her incredible weight loss was the most liked! The previous thread can be found here...
  5. 1001 others

    Emmylou Loves #20 sirrums and tonic, daily colonic, the Camilla catsuit looks moronic

    And just like that, here we are at thread #20! Congratulations to our MVP @YouveAllBeenAsking for the hilariously witty new title! In thread #19, we were exposed to Emmylou's solo fashion show for Camilla ... that took up most of the thread, as there was enough content to keep us snarking for...
  6. 1001 others

    Emmylou MacCarthy #19 Mad dog busy, showing her titties, trying real hard to make ALove Jizzy

    And here we are with yet another thread! Congratulations to @chkchkboom for a fabulously funny (not to mention popular) thread title! And thank you to everyone else for being here! In thread #18, EL changed the world ... there were too many things to mention, but just a few: She traveled to...
  7. screenfreelookatme

    Emmylou MacCarthy #18 The Sisterhood Of The Disappearing Pants

    Yo yo yo! Thread #18 for our girl Emmylou MacCarthy from Emmylou Loves! Thank you @b!tch_eating_crackers for our thread title and the divine picture. You’ve earned chips with your steak tonight ✌🏻
  8. Broken Veneers

    Emmylou MacCarthy #17 Batten Down the Flaps WA, the Hot Mess Express is Headed West

    Today’s thread finds us touring Bunbury by minibus. We anticipate further non-consensual filming, disordered eating patterns, shrieking, cheezels and non-disclosed #collabs Thanks to @b!tch_eating_crackers for the thread title!
  9. screenfreelookatme

    Emmylou MacCarthy #16 You can’t polish a turd, but you CAN put it in an 80’s crop top & clodhoppers

    Yo yo yo!!!! Another new thread for Emmylou MacCarthy from Emmylou Loves. Winning thread title was “fuck off”, but I can’t find it now to credit the author 😫. Unfortunately we can’t have swear words in titles, so I’ve gone to second place from @CEOManagingDirectorAuthor ✌. If you lost, I’m...
  10. Michy02

    Emmylou MacCarthy #15 Conjunctivitis, gingivitis, dermatitis & Cheezelitis

    Emmylou MacCarthy #15: Conjunctivitis, gingivitis, dermatitis and Cheezelitis congratulations @CEOManagingDirectorAuthor !!
  11. Broken Veneers

    Emmylou MacCarthy #14 Fanging laps and scratching flaps who knows where the children are at

    Thanks to @mariah cachia for the thread title Today’s new threads finds us wondering how we burned through 50 pages of the last thread in 5 1/2 days although we have had plenty of material to discuss and speculate over: A reference to visiting the Supercars that was actually a promotion for...
  12. Broken Veneers

    Emmylou MacCarthy #13 Sausage casing, soul love chasing and farkin’ car racing

    Thread number 13 for our cheezel loving, soul loving, scratching, itchy queen of Port Melbourne Thanks to @b!tch_eating_crackers for the new thread title - you won 37 likes and a part pack of cheezels
  13. SnarkyTart

    Emmylou MacCarthy #12 My neck, my back, scratch my fungus and my flaps

    Congrats to @Michy02 - only fitting that a musical theme kick us off on the eve of our girl Emmy belting out the high notes tomorrow in her shower stall (let's pray that whilst she's in there she also washes her hair 🙏🏼) Respect to @Broken Veneers on a top notch recap 👏🤣 Yo yo yo time to meet...
  14. screenfreelookatme

    Emmylou MacCarthy #11 Salad wraps, thirst traps, fungal flaps and magnesium naps

    Yo yo yo! I can’t believe we’re on thread #11 already, beautiful people! Big thank you to @CEOManagingDirectorAuthor for our winning thread title. Throw an extra steak into your wrap tonight to celebrate. You’ve earned it ✌🏻
  15. screenfreelookatme

    Emmylou MacCarthy Emmylou Loves #10 The Real Croptop Princess of Port Melbourne Markets

    Yo yo yo! Another new thread. Congrats to @Michy02 for the winning thread title. Be sure to call up your vegan ex and take him out for a steak to celebrate. You’re paying ✌🏻
  16. screenfreelookatme

    Emmylou MacCarthy #9 Emmylou Loves: Poppin’ pingers with Cheezel fingers

    Yo yo yo! A new thread for Emmylou Loves already! Congrats to @CEOManagingDirectorAuthor for the thread title. Honourable mention to our runner up @SnarkyTart for the brilliant “Areola bigger than plates, fungi still her only mate” suggestion. Party size bags of Cheezels all round! (A...
  17. screenfreelookatme

    Emmylou MacCarthy #7 Emmylou Loves - bathers up her crack, exploited her fam and pays to win them back

    Yo yo yo! New thread beautiful people! Thread title butchered shortened for length. Original here: Emmylou Loves… head up her ass, bathers up her crack, exploited all her friends and fam so she pays to win them back I’m officially banned from doing new threads coz I keep spelling her bloody...
  18. lycheemartini

    Emmylou MacCarthy #6 Emmylou loves… the ladies want A Love, Em’s started to snap, her crop top’s as tight as her swimming cap

    New thread 👏🏼 Emmylou’s threads are growing as fast as her stomach surgery swelling. Carry on!
  19. screenfreelookatme

    Emmylou MacCarthy #5 Emmylou Loves… Emmylou-natic straight outta fat camp

    Yo yo yo! Welcome to the new thread beautiful people. Put your swimmers on, pop into the kitchen to make some delicious vegan chicken satay for a snack and settle in. I didn’t have time for a recap, so if someone could post one that would be excellent. Extra special welcome to anyone that’s new...
  20. lycheemartini

    Emmylou MacCarthy #3 Emmylou loves.. mutton dressed as shitzel

    Here we go.. thread 3! Emmylou has continued to delight our eyes with her fashion choices now that she (thinks) she can wear tops tucked into pants. The salmon coloured Aje (Arrjj) outfit got a good workout. Despite being separated from ALove, he still needs to be at her beck and call, for all...
  21. lycheemartini

    Emmylou MacCarthy #2 Emmylou Loves… herself

    Well what a whirlwind of Emmylou that has come to Tattle! We sped through the first thread in a month; which isn’t hard to do when you’re talking about one of the most narcissistic people on Instagram. One of the major happenings in the last thread was EL having her gunt lopped off. She spent a...
  22. saltymermaid

    Emmylou MacCarthy

    A few people requested a thread for this Australian influencer so here you go :)
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