1. Cleaning with Mario #9 Baldilocks & The Three Hairs

    Thank you to @cleaningupthecrap for this thread title - winning with 22 votes 👍🏼 Carry on your discussions about the only man in Paisley who pays FULL RENT to the council to cut his hair (same time as they do the grass) and then styles it out with a protractor 😁
  2. Cleaning with Mario #8 Cleaning with Marion McKnight

    Well, we can thank the Daily Record for this thread title 😂 Originally suggested by @Madonna - it got the most votes combined. Can our Marion make it to 100,000 delusional fuckwits following him before the end of this thread? Carry on your discussions of our favourite white tight wearing...
  3. Cleaning with Mario #7 Purple Rayn

    Thank you to Badaboom for nominating my Purple Rayn joke for the next thread title winning with 23 votes 💜 Carry on discussing our favourite Scottish "cleaner" here! So aye and so forth....
  4. Cleaning With Mario #6 and so forth

    It had to be done, didn't it? Now go forth and so forth
  5. Cleaning With Mario #5 So aye.....

    Congratulations to @Exhausted Pigeon for the thread title with 38 votes! Let's get bitching about our favourite Scottish Debenhams celebrity....😈 So aye!
  6. Cleaning with Mario #4

    Thanks to @Noname12345 for the title as boring as he is! How gutted must he be that he has had to save up to 'renew all this' with not just any crapets, but LUXURY GREY crapets himself. And then have to tell us about it in a poorly voice because his sleep pattern is all over the place.
  7. Cleaning With Mario #3

    New thread
  8. Cleaning With Mario #2

    New thread.
  9. S

    Cleaning With Mario

    Think he needs a thread of his own, he's getting lost between the non drama drama on the other thread, he's hit the big time with 55k, although pretty sure he thinks it's 55mil. Puts himself up there with Lady Di and Hinch. Biggest sleb in Scotland, now know for his diva style rants in asda...