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  1. kev1974

    Carly Burd #6 Stabbed in the back like Judas did to Caesar

    Thread title by @FourSeasonSoupObsessive Another good suggestion was "it's not stollen cash" in a comedy reference to tasty German cakes. Previous thread was here: Comments on the most recent Your Harlow article continue to...
  2. VeniVidiVicki

    Carly Burd #5 (No) Salt and Vinegar

    Thanks to the fabulously bottomed @CrackingOwlSanctuary for our new thread title. You win … 5 packets of tomato seeds, a piece of wood which will last at least 15 years and an AI (fewer than 5 fingers per hand guaranteed) image generator. The last thread was action packed. Carly announced she...
  3. lilykestrel

    Carly Burd Salty Allotment #4 Stop trying to make parsnips happen Carlz

    Thread title by @Itchy of Itchington , nominated by @HotesTilaire. Congratulations both, you win an AI generated Facebook post on a subject of your choice and a stale croissant. Since our last thread A Meal on Me With Love is FINALLY a CIC. At least one reason for the long drawn out process...
  4. Witchfinder Sargeant

    Carly Burd Salty Allotment #3 a pinch of salt for free

    Thread title by @TheDragonWithAFlagon, nominated by @HotesTilaire, modified slightly by me. Congratulations, you both win a bag of out of date salad that's been left out on someone's drive in the rain. Well, this has been A Ride. The ninnies got gradually more and more horrified by Carly's...
  5. Witchfinder Sargeant

    Carly Burd Salty Allotment #2 More red flags than Beijing on May Day.

    Thread title by me, nominated by @Lazarus Woo-hoo, my first thread title. Carly Burd has collected over a quarter of a million pounds by crying on tiktok and has mysteriously failed to start the CIC she keeps promising to start, which means that quarter of a million pounds is currently under...
  6. Lazarus

    Carly Burd and her salty allotment

    Hello, I’m starting this thread to discuss Carly Burd who has gone viral this week due to her allotment being sabotaged with salt. Carly has a GoFundMe page which at the time of this post has raised over 220k: She’s had lots of media attention...