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Jack Monroe is known for being a poverty chef and campaigner. She lives with her channel 4 executive partner in Southend. She's released 7 cookbooks and is known for her outbursts on twitter. One outburst against David Cameron talking about the loss of his child lost her a deal with Sainsbury's and another set of twitter messages that targetted Jamie Oliver lead to the BBC One cooking show Daily Kitchen Live. After landing the BBC gig Jack Monroe has deleted most of her tweets, but some showing how she targeted Jamie have been saved.
  1. Jack Monroe #22 The Condiments Thread. Jack's in a pickle over mayonnaise.

    Oh no this is embarrassing 😂 Thread title thanks to @Jelly Bean
  2. Jack Monroe #21 If you cut me do I not bleed mayonnaise? #jacklivesmatter

    Thread title by @Oblivionbaby View all threads Continue as you were (I'm still 12 pages behind 😅 - and we thought she'd gone quiet after the terrible behaviour on book launch day, not because she was planning some performative bandwagon jumping)
  3. Jack Monroe #20 Cyclone in jeans, rinser of beans, bloody floor, what's the drama for?

    Thanks to @Raker for title (had to be shortened) Let's hope this thread isn't as sluggish as the last one 😂 This morning segment -
  4. Jack Monroe #19 Is it a show? Miguel's not sure. I am Jack, hear me ROAR!

    Thread title thanks to @Silver Linings Carry on!
  5. Jack Monroe #18 From giving THAT MAN hell to a Hellman's collab, “Baby Nigella’s” food is still making us gag.

    Thread title suggested by @Lava With a nod to baby nigella. 😬 continue here.
  6. Jack Monroe #17 The shed is dead, shaved her head, on the beg for a left-hand Smeg

    Thanks to @NoseyParkour for the thread title. Carry on! Yes, absolutely.
  7. Jack Monroe #16 Queen of the freezer, bathtime teaser & blue tick pleaser

    Thanks to @Stinkyminky for thread title.
  8. Jack Monroe #15 Shaved head and on the beg. Whatever happened to the show from the shed?

    Thank you @lipsticktaser for the title. First time I've done a new thread - hope it's all ok. Yay, @Blurp, you made it over. So hopefully this works. I've done a bit moore financial snooping. It’s really quite tricky to find out about book sales in the UK ,but I just came across this amazon...
  9. Jack Monroe #14 Tweet, delete, check Tattle, repeat? Yes, absolutely x

    I have just started my first thread..not sure if this got the most votes but it will be time for a new one tomorrow anyway. X
  10. Jack Monroe #13 Saint Monroe, patron of all tinned and canned goods provider of the great

    Here we go.. Thread title thanks to @OhhBacon :m
  11. Jack Monroe #12 Eight thousand pages from her printer, this could take us through to winter.

    Took @PennyLoafer title but anyone can change, just wanted a new thread started!
  12. Jack Monroe #11 Look for the bare depressipes, the simple bare depressipes, forget about the tattlers and your wife

    Thread title by @Harrybosch Continue as you were View all threads
  13. Jack Monroe #10 Filming new slop from her shed, "success" of Daily Kitchen gone to her head

    Thanks to @HarderFaster for the thread title, had to amend to fit! Absolutely feeling lost this morning without Daily Kitchen!
  14. Jack Monroe #9 - 200 curries in her repertoire, but they all look like vomit in a mason jar

    Thread title by NoseyParkour Continue as you were, hold back the tears as the now iconic daily kitchen live comes to an end 😭 Posting this again from the last thread to help newcomers understand the world of Jack Monroe
  15. Jack Monroe #8 Grates meats, deletes tweets and when she denies it we've got the receipts.

    I couldn't see any other suggestions and this is great from @GrunkaLunka Changed from as it got more votes The gavel banged, the jury's hung... She's grated up her laughed up lung.
  16. Jack Monroe #7 The Judge can send us down to hell, but we won't eat that béchamel

    New thread, just in time for episode 7 of Daily Kitchen Live with Matt Tebbutt and bestselling author Jack Monroe! Thread title by @GrunkaLunka BBC one 10am Yesterdays episode
  17. Jack Monroe #2 Bootstrap cook on BBC one's Daily Kitchen Live with Matt Tebbutt

    New thread for the woman that invented using tinned foods as ingredients. Please do credit Jack Monroe the next time you add a tin of spaghetti hoops and coconut milk to any dinner. Mod edit, new article
  18. Jack Monroe (bootstrapcook)

    Not only is she saying how fab Mrs hinch is but she's posting affiliate links without ad then has the audacity to claim she's not making money out of it and just wanted to share. She's fame hungry and much of her backstory is invented to target a demographic and make out she's some kind of hero...
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