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    Billie Faiers #5 Billie funds the house, the kids, and Maldives too? Greg what is it you actually do?

    Thread title suggested by @Opendoor - a few weeks ago now but seemingly more apt than ever! As you were!
  2. K

    Bille Faiers #4 Moving any day, baby on the way another nipper to babysit for supergran Suzayyyy

    Recap They’ve got a moving in date but haven’t said when. Also with her changing her name to Shepherd on Insta when we go to the next thread shall we go with the new name or just stick to Faiers? Mod edit: Move on from arguments please. Report any further posts in this nature, thank you
  3. K

    Billie Faiers #3 Sue and Greg too

    New thread title by moi. Don’t think there’s much to recap, was their 2nd anniversary yesterday and think they’re filming for the new series. Ooops it’s 3 years since the wedding.
  4. L

    Billie Faiers and Greg Shepherd #2

    Thank you and well done to @Mikesqueen for the thread suggestion: Billie and Greg trying hard to be posh, building a sponsored mansion and writing a book for dosh with 20 likes. Unfortunately i couldnt get it to fit, limited on characters. Billie's balls up where she left instructions for the...
  5. Sogdhitalley

    Billie Faiers and Greg Shepherd

    Hope this is allowed as these two definitely need their own thread! Can't stand either of them and don't get me started on the kids...