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Tattle life rules overview, please read and only submit to join if you agree to follow them

No moderating and telling people what they can or can't post. If there's a post you don't like either keep scrolling, add the user to your ignore list or report.

Don't attempt to shut down the conversation.

Keep it on tattle, and don't encourage any behaviour that could be seen as harassment.

Don't derail threads. We're relaxed about going a bit offtopic but people that deliberately try to provoke are not welcome. Please report anyone you have concerns with.

No promotion of unrelated accounts. Lots of small accounts (with bought followers) insert themselves into the narrative and unless they are connected to an account it usually isn't an interest to the majority of members.

We do not allow free advertising on this site, do not promote your own company, your own social media content or the social media content of smaller channels/Influencers

Don't attack other members, we're not here to fight each other and turn it into a mess. If you don't agree with a member you can add them to your ignore list or report.

No posting of hidden shortened links like as people need to know where a link will take them and people have been using these links to collect data. Please report if you see a disguised link.

Discussion of moderation is to be avoided. All mod decisions are made just to make the conversation flow. It gets offtopic discussing moderation in the threads and it's usually not fruitful as members only see a fraction of what happens behind the scenes. Posting asking why a post was deleted is offtopic and annoying and risks a ban (temporary or permanent) if you've already had several warnings.

No flouncing and posting that you're leaving. If you want to take a break from tattle do so without announcing it or use the links in the top to delete your account.

No vague baiting posts, like check out X's story. Say what a story contains or attach it. This is often used to try to identify users or promote an account.

No abusive or hateful messages.

No messages that are a privacy concern. Even if an influencer releases private information themselves we can't allow it to be repeated here as we take privacy far more seriously than many influencers do themselves.

Unsavoury comments about children are not allowed. Their parents may broadcast their children's image to make money, but as they are too young to have consented in this unregulated industry we dont allow comments that may upset the children when older.

No chatroom style messages as this is a forum. If you agree with someone or love their post use the reactions.

Don't quote a message just to post a clapping hands emoji or say you agree as it adds unnecessary scrolling, just use the reactions instead.

No posting of private accounts or friends and family members accounts that don't put themselves in the public eye.